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University of Connecticut University Libraries

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UConn Libraries Newsletter Diversity Guest Column

The University of Connecticut Libraries Newsletter is published four times each year to provide current information about collections, services, and activities to those interested in the welfare of the Libraries. Each issue of the Libraries' Newsletter includes a Diversity Guest Column to discuss issues of interest to the campus community.

November/December 2010 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Danger in Mexico - Journalists in the Crossfire" (pg.6)
by Dr. Maureen Croteau, Department Head and Professor, UConn Journalism Department

September/October 2010 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Enhancing Diversity Inside and Outside the Classroom" (pg.5)
by Dr. Xae Alicia Ryes, interim director of the Puerto Rican and Latin American Cultural Center

April /May 2010 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Pequot War Battlefield Site & National Park Service grant" (pg.5)
by Anthropology professor Kevin McBride

February /March 2010 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Waterbury Library Celebrates Black Superheroes" (pg.5)
by Shelley Roseman

April/May 2009 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"In Memory of Xiangzhong "Jerry" Yang (1959-2009)" (pg.5)
by Jie Xu

February/March 2009 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Hit Home" (pg.5)
by Manisha Desai, Women's Studies Program, and Associate Professor, Sociology

November/December 2008 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Conference Marks 15th Anniversary of Asian American Studies at UConn" (pg.5)
by Fe Delos-Santos, Program Coordinator, Asian American Studies Institute

September/October 2008UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Diversity in the Context of UConn's Academic Plan: An Enrollment management Perspective" (pg. 5)
by Dolan Evanovich, Vice President for Enrollment Planning, Management, and Institutional Research

April/May 2008 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"New Degree in African American Studies to Be Offered: Institute for African American Studies Marks Move with Harlem Renaissance conference" (pg.5)
by Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Associate Professor of History; Director, Institute for African American Studies

"Valuing Diversity" (pg.2)
by Brinley Franklin, Vice Provost for University Libraries

February/March 2008 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Women's Center: Supporting Women's Diversity and Strength for 35 years” (pg.5)
by Kathleen Holgerson, Director of the Women's Center

November/December 2007 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Rainbow Center: Creating a Positive Environment for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students" (pg.5)
by Fleurette King, Director of the Rainbow Center

September/October 2007 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Asian American Cultural Center: Supporting Students’ Academic and Personal Development, Coalition Building, and Leadership" (pg. 5)
by Angela Rola, Director of the Asian American Cultural Center

February/March 2007 UConn Libraries Newsletter

The Native American Cultural Society Office Celebrates Its First Official Anniversary (pg. 5)
by Theo Van Alst, The coordinator of UConn’s Native American Cultural Society Office

April/May 2007 UConn Libraries Newsletter

"Developing Culturally and Globally Competent Students" (pg. 5)
by Hedley Freake, Professor, Nutritional Sciences, chair, General Education Oversight Committee

September/October 2006 UConn Libraries Newsletter

Revisiting the Issue of Diversity at UConn (pg.5)
by Ronald L. Taylor, Vice Provost, Multicultural and International Affairs and Professor of Sociology