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Date ______________


Name __________________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________


Phone ______________________ E-Mail __________________________________________


If exhibit space is being requested on behalf of an organization, please provide the name of the organization:




Preferred dates for which you wish to request space:


1st choice _______________________ 2nd choice _____________________________



Name of the person who will act as liaison with the library in preparation for this exhibition (if different from above):


Name __________________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________


Phone _______________ Fax:________________ E-Mail_______________________


In the space below, please give as much detailed information as possible about the objects proposed for display,

e.g., the number of objects, their size, any special requirements for display and security, names of other artists (if any),

whether objects are mounted, matted, or framed. Include any other information that will help the Library consider your

application. Please use additional sheets if necessary. If you have pictures, cds, a website or samples of the items you

propose to exhibit, please provide these with your application. These will be returned to you.


If applicable and available, please provide a vita indicating other locations where you have exhibited.


Send to:

Jean Cardinale Nelson
University of Connecticut Libraries

369 Fairfield Way, Unit 1005

Storrs, CT 06269-1005

Fax: (860)486-0584


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