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University of Connecticut University Libraries

After Anne Frank:

Children’s Books About the Holocaust

Cover Image from Anne Frank, illustration copyright, 1997, by Malcah Zeldis, Henry Holt and Company

Anne Frank’s diary was the first, and most famous, children’s book about the Holocaust. Originally published in the Netherlands in 1947, it has sold over twenty-five million copies worldwide, in more than fifty languages.

In recent years, as a result of Holocaust studies in school curricula, hundreds of other equally outstanding children’s books about the Holocaust have been published. This exhibit looks at selected examples of this growing genre of children’s literature, including picture books, personal narratives, novels, histories, and biographies, some about Anne Frank herself.

Although the Holocaust may be considered a difficult subject for children, most of the books, like Anne Frank’s diary, emphasize the triumph of the human spirit and the moral courage of rescuers who helped others survive at the risk of their own lives. Some also portray the horrors of war and hatred, with unflinching pictures of the ghettoes and concentration camps where, of the six million Jews who died, one and a half million were children.

The books in the exhibit were donated by various publishers and are part of the Dodd Center’s collection of children’s books about the Holocaust. A bibliography of the entire collection accompanies the exhibit.

Dodd Research Center Gallery
Curator: Michele Palmer

Into the Arms of Strangers, the Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature of 2000, will be shown on continuous video in the Dodd Gallery during exhibit hours. The film presents stories of the Kindertransport, a rescue effort that brought thousands of Jewish children to safety in Great Britain just before the outbreak of World War II.