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Orange Poppy, May 15, 2002

Trained as a painter, graphic artist,and photographer, Ann Parker holds a BFA degree from Yale University. For the past decade she has been experimenting with a new imagery that is artistically and technically a dramatic change from her former photographic career. She calls this new body of work Botanical Metamorphics. Without using either film or camera,she passes light directly through fruits,flowers,and vegetables. When projected onto color sensitive paper,the resulting photograms reveal the inner essence of plant life with extraordinary clarity.

Ms.Parker believes that we are increasingly out of touch with nature. Although the marketplace provides us, both in and out of season, with an unprecedented variety of produce, it comes to us dyed, bleached, waxed, gassed,saturated with chemicals, dehydrated, reconstituted, and frequently tightly cocooned in plastic.

Her exquisitely provocative botanical interpretations counter this trend to amaze, delight, and reinvolve the viewer with the absolute beauty of botanical forms. About her Botanical Metamorphics, Parker says, "I am reaching into the very center of familiar plant life and presenting my discoveries in a compelling and contemporary graphic manner. I want viewers to imagine they are bees, intimately exploring deep inside the fruits, flowers, and vegetables that I have chosen to depict. I strongly believe that what I am doing is valid botanical recording presented with a new and different technique. Although I crafted these works to be looked at as fine art,they give an extraordinary amount of scientifically correct botanical information."

Ann Parker’s work can be found in public, private, and corporate collections including: the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; the Boston Public Library;the Center for Creative Photography; Hood Museum, Dartmouth College; the Metropolitan Museum of Art;the Museum of Modern Art; the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Ms. Parker has had major exhibitions at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art;the Lyman Allyn Art Museum;Tower Hill Botanical Gardens;the Sony Gallery, American University,Cairo; the University of Massachusetts Medical Center; and the Worcester Art Museum.

Babbidge Library,Stevens Gallery
Curator:David Kapp

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