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This is the Gate of Heaven, Collage Painting on Paperboard by Felix Bronner

Felix Bronner says of his work, “In my painting, I wish to appeal to humankind’s positive potential to capture the complexity of nature, as reflected in the interplay of shape and color, to respond to the mystery that surrounds us, on the large scale in which we move, on the microscale that underlies all matter. In striving to reflect the shapes and colors of the world, I hope to emulate the many painters whose vision has been the essence of seeing.”

A 2003 review in ARTnews speaks of Bronner’s works as a “studied homage to the Abstract Expressionists, evoking Adolph Gottlieb, William Baziotes, and Mark Rothko in particular….Bronner layers transparent shapes over expanses of softened colors, with the occasional opaque geometric forms dominating the canvas.” Another reviewer has described his abstractions as “complex in their compositions, but never visually overwhelming,” “charged with beautifully orchestrated colors,” “stunning and gentle.” At another exhibition the reviewer wrote of “shades of beige and green that are so gorgeously exotic, they could only come from a lucid imagination.”

Always interested in the three-dimensionality of collages, Bronner has more recently developed a series of abstract collages, whose images are often in contrast to his more minimalist paintings.

Educated as a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Felix Bronner has had a career in medical research. In mid-career, some 25 years ago, he began to paint. By attending adult education classes and workshops, and studying privately with accomplished artists, among them William Cowing, Cary Smith and Zbigniew Grzyb, he gained confidence in his newfound language and began to submit his work to shows. Since then, his work has been included in juried exhibitions, has won prizes and has been the subject of one-person shows.

Dr. Bronner is a professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He lives and works in West Hartford, Connecticut.

March 13 – May 19, 2006
Babbidge Library, Stevens Gallery
Curator: Dennis Thornton