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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Jaffa Gate

In the mid-nineteenth century, British engineers began surveying Jerusalem and the Sinai. As an adjunct to these mapping expeditions, they took hundreds of photos of the land, buildings, and people who lived there. Commercial photographers soon followed, and their compelling images stimulated Europeans and Americans to travel and make pilgrimages to the land of the Bible.

These rare photographs, once bound into albums, are part of the collection of Hazza Abu Rabi, along with stereoscopic cards, maps, and books. Born in Nazareth, and currently a graduate student in Judaic Studies at UConn, Hazza began collecting these artifacts in 1986 in Jerusalem. His historically important collection now includes several hundred original nineteenth century photographs and dozens of maps and books from the same period, as well as twentieth century examples.

March 13 – May 19, 2006
Dodd Research Center Gallery
Curators: Michele Palmer and Hazza Abu Rabi