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No Parking by Jim LindsayDumpster 4 by Jim Lindsay
Photographs by Jim Lindsay
For many years, Jim Lindsay maintained an active interest in creating collages, using manufactured as well as found papers, metals, and wooden pieces. Several years ago, however, he purchased a Canon automatic camera to record ideas that he found in nature, on walls, trash heaps, anywhere that suggested an interesting composition for another collage. He carried the camera everywhere and used countless rolls of film, searching for new ideas. Gradually, the camera took on a life of its own, and film replaced cutting and pasting as his preferred medium of artistic expression.

Lindsay’s photographs typically focus on details within a larger setting. For example, his photo “Dumpster 4” is not obviously that of a dumpster. The rust riddled end of the heavy metal equipment is hardly noticeable when viewing the image. Isolated in the viewfinder, the rust assumes a character of its own, leading the viewer to question what he is seeing. The image becomes a subject for interpretation.

Lindsay, a clinical social worker, earned his BA in English with a minor in art at the University of Connecticut. In a review of his work, one critic noted that, as a psychotherapist, Lindsay “sees many images of life and the human condition. But it is what he sees through his camera lens...that makes him an artist.”

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Dodd Center, West Corridor
Curator: Roger Crossgrove