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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Composite I by Walter Kendra

This exhibit displays oil monotypes completed by Walter Kendra over the past two years. Kendra’s images are based on abstracted plant forms, inspired by a single flower or by flower clusters.

Describing his process, he says, “I make notations of line, shape and color then manipulate them in a loosely drawn manner, allowing a unified and dramatic organization of elements to develop. An individual work is resolved through the achievement of harmonious balances. The constant search for new forms and color relationships provides an excitement and challenge for aesthetic resolution. My evolving use of plant forms has its origins in earlier work of an architectural nature.”

Each monotype (a painting print) is unique, created by transferring layers of rolled, brushed or wiped lithographic inks from a linoleum plate onto BFK paper with the use of an off-set press. Five to seven applications of color are flat-rolled onto each print, in combination with brushed applications, and are hand wiped to achieve tonal changes.

Walter Kendra is emeritus professor of art and gallery director at Central Connecticut State University, and has been active in both the New York and New England art scenes for many years. His work has appeared in numerous group shows throughout the United States and has been shown in solo exhibitions in New York, Connecticut, Virginia and North Carolina. It is represented in private and college collections in Japan, Australia, Europe and the United States. Kendra serves on the Board of Directors of the Abingdon Square Painters in New York City and, in Connecticut, on the Collinsville Arts Initiative. In Connecticut, he is represented by Paesaggio Fine Art in Hartford.

January 16 – March 6, 2006
Babbidge Library, Gallery on the Plaza
• Curator: Jane Recchio