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In Counterpoint by Estelle Laschever

Music is at the core of my art work," says Estelle Laschever. "Composers suggest various aspects of humanity through their use of abstract symbols to represent expressive sound. These are the points of departure for my work. Musical and art compositions use similar design elements. The terminology used to evoke the qualities of a work of music can often be applied when describing works of visual art. My works are never literal translations; rather, I encourage viewers to relate to this imagery based on the music that is in each of them.

"My work evolves from a point, as in the seed of a melody– moving to create a line that moves in time, as in a melodic line, to a plane where shapes are created. Time is vital in experiencing the elements that contribute to the whole of each of painting, as it is when listening to music. The viewer enters the composition at a chosen place. The eye travels involving the viewer in a journey of emotion. It is not possible to experience the significance of a painting with one instant glance, as it is impossible to experience a symphony by hearing one bar of music." This exhibit includes representations from three bodies of Laschever's work. The most recent works are improvisations consisting of oil paintings and mixed media monotypes. Earlier works focus on assemblages, which convey through imagery and materials the sounds of contemporary music. Embossed watercolors that represent classical and romantic music are the earliest works shown.

Estelle Laschever studied at the Art Students League in New York City with Will Barnett and Yasuo Kuniyoshi. She holds a BFA degree from Cornell University and an MA from the University of Hartford. Her work has been shown widely and has been the subject of eighteen one-person shows. She is the recipient of numerous awards and her work is represented in many public and private collections, including the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Johnson Museum of Art (Ithaca, NY), and the Gerber Scientific Corporation.

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Babbidge Library, Stevens Gallery
Curators: David Avery & Hilda Drabek