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August 25 - October 10, 2008


Crumpling a Thin Sheet, by Rutherford Witthus

Crumpling a Thin Sheet, by Rutherford Witthus


Celebrating the Sculptural Book: The Challenge of Structure

Dodd Research Center Gallery
Curators: Kristin Eshelman and Norman Stevens

At a time when, for better or for worse, libraries are moving rapidly toward providing information in digital formats and away from the printed book format, artists’ books represent an homage to the book as a physical object. Many of the best artists’ books have sculptural qualities that encompass three dimensions and are created through carving or modeling materials. Extending the idea of sculpting, or processing materials, to include other actions opens up the concept of a built structure whose materials are arranged in a purposeful pattern.

The book artists who have created the sculptural works displayed in this exhibit address such ideas as endurance, political action, randomness, relationships between body and structure, remembrance, and the written word. They have studied, and mastered, arts and trades that emphasize the shaping and arranging of letters, materials, and patterns. Architecture, binding, calligraphy, cartography, printing, and sculpture are some of their tools. Their art produces structures that are created through carving stone, crumpling paper, and writing letters as they assemble and arrange these elements into a fascinating book, each with a unique identity. They demonstrate that the book is alive and well.

Featured Artists:
Chinghiz Aitmatov
Xu Bing
Amy Bloom
Inge Bruggeman
Derek Dudek
Linda Foster
Anne Gorrick
Shanna Leino
Werner Pfeiffer
Robin Price
Veronika Schäppers
Jutta Schwöbel
Keiji Shinohara
Clemens Tobias-Lange
Uwe Warnke
Richard Wilson
Cynthia Winika
Rutherford Witthus


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