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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Golden Eagle by Bill Card

Bird Carvings by Bill Card

When one views Bill Card’s woodcarvings, his great love and appreciation for the outdoors and its creatures is most evident. Growing up in Northeastern Connecticut, fishing in its streams and hunting in its fields, he has now traded his fishing rod and shotgun for carving tools and a paintbrush.

Mr. Card’s interest in carving began about 12 years ago, stimulated by his contact with an old-time carver friend from Maine. Even though his work has won numerous prizes, he carves primarily for the love of creating sculptures of wildlife in naturalistic settings and for the joy that his work brings to people.

Mr. Card’s carvings are mostly of fish and birds, with an occasional reptile for the sake of variety. His birds of prey include a peregrine falcon, a merlin, and a golden eagle, among others. And his carved ducks and songbirds include a black duck, an old squaw, as well as a cardinal and a black-capped chickadee. Card has also carved many fish, such as the brown trout, the rainbow trout, the brook trout and the striped bass. When asked for his favorite subject, he says, “Raptors, for their majestic appearance and the way they command respect.”

Bill Card lives in South Windham for about six months of the year and spends the second half in Maine, where he indulges in his other passion, flying airplanes and gliders.

Babbidge, Gallery on the Plaza, and Dodd Center
Curator: David Avery