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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Remember the anticipation of the games? The tension of waiting for the final buzzer? The escalating excitement as the team moved farther into the tournament? The thrill of victory? Seasons of Champions, 1995 and 1999 brings back all the emotions and memories of the University of Connecticut championship basketball seasons for a brief time in this exhibit. Combining the resources of the University Archives and the Department of Athletics, Seasons of Champions illustrates the exciting trip to NCAA victories that has brought national attention to the university and its basketball program.

Relive the anticipation and join the excitement in the pursuit of national titles through the images, trophies and memorabilia collected by the university as tribute to the contributions of the 1995 women's and 1999 men's teams.

Also included in the exhibit is a rendering of the planned Husky Heritage Sports Museum, which will house artifacts similar to those on display highlighting the contributions of all the UConn athletic teams throughout the university's history.