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University of Connecticut University Libraries

January 22 - March 7, 2008


Artwork from a UConn Masters of Fine Arts exhibition

Masters of Fine Arts exhibit entry, Communications Design program, University of Connecticut

Design for the Real World: Student Work in Communication Design at the University of Connecticut

Homer Babbidge Library Gallery on the Plaza
Curator: Michael Young and Edvin Yegir

The term "graphic design" traditionally refers to the design of printed materials, but in recent years, changing technologies and increased public awareness have broadened the field's scope to include a much wider variety of applications. From the package one purchases to the sign on the shop window, to the look of written ideas and symbols for the world's organizations, design today influences what we buy, what we do and even what we think.

In response, the Communication Design program in the Department of Art and Art History recognizes new areas of design practice, including multi- and cross-disciplinary design practice. Among the program's strengths is an approach built upon the conviction that technology is not synonymous with process, that design is a journey of inquiry.

Working within this context, the goal of the program is to educate students as responsible thinkers, citizens, and professionals in an increasingly complex world of evolving technology as applied to the dissenmination of ideas and information.

The printed items in this exhibit are selected examples of graphic design work by students in the undergraduate Communication Design program, a collaborative effort of instructors Randall Hoyt, Edvin Yegir, Mark Zurolo and their students.

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