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University of Connecticut University Libraries

The grand opening in September of a spacious new home for the UConn Co-op provides an opportunity to honor the cultural and educational contributions that the Co-op makes to the University, and in particular, to the University Libraries.

As a robust, active, and independent bookstore, the Co-op presents literary events, brings authors to campus, organizes book signings, and helps to sponsor important community activities such as the annual Connecticut Children’s Book Fair. Through these activities, the Co-op has assumed a strong leadership role in the promotion of books and reading at the University of Connecticut.

Under the direction of Suzy Staubach, manager of the General Books Department, the Co-op has long maintained a special interest in promoting books written by University of Connecticut faculty members and alumni, as well as those written by local authors. A section of the bookstore is devoted to a display of such books, and a series of events focuses on these authors.

In cooperation with the Co-op, this exhibit presents a representative sample of literary works created by eleven distinguished UConn faculty and twelve well-known UConn alumni. In addition to the books themselves, the exhibit includes original manuscripts from some of the authors, drawn primarily from the Libraries’ Literary Archives in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

A notebook in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Gallery contains additional information about them as well.

Dodd Gallery
Curators: Norman D. Stevens & Rutherford Witthus