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August 25 - October 10, 2008


Facequilt 3, Split Personality, by George Jacobi

Facequilt 3, Split Personality, by George Jacobi


George Jacobi: Migration Route, a Journey Through Art

Gallery on the Plaza, Homer Babbidge Library
Curator: Laura Smith

A few years ago, Mansfield artist and UConn graduate George Jacobi created what he called the “photoquilt,” the weaving by hand of vertical and horizontal slices cut from digital photographs. Photographs became the media, not the medium. Jacobi explains, “A photo at its best represents universality in an instant of time. By manipulating photographs in combination, my art interacts with preconceptions, instincts and surface concepts that are brought to it, thus changing the dynamic of viewing in unexpected ways. The juxtaposed lines, shapes, and colors convey a message in the language of visual art, letting the viewer find a further insight or interpretation.”

Fascination with this process has led Jacobi to increasingly complex 3D manipulations of the photo collage medium. This exhibit shows the growth and change in his artwork over time, enabling the viewer to follow his “Migration Route.”

The title of this exhibit represents Jacobi’s path in several metaphoric ways. By following his vision, he is, of course, on the path of all artists. More importantly, he salutes the creative process itself. He explains, “Each step forward only becomes visible as one is engaged in the current step. Working on one thing, the germination of the next becomes apparent--by accident, logic or serendipity. This joyful process feels like the migration of a butterfly or bird, which knows where to go though it has never been there, and can’t explain how it knows. It knows by doing.”

Additional work by George Jacobi


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