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University of Connecticut University Libraries

January 22 - March 7, 2008


Castle, by Marcia Reid Marsted

Castle, by Marcia Reid Marsted

Photographs at a Different Wave Length, by Marcia Reid Marsted

Homer Babbidge Library Stevens Gallery
Curator: David Avery

Marcia Reid Marsted earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology at the University of Hartford in the 1970s. She taught and served as chair of the science department at Watkinson School in Hartford for five years, then enrolled at the Yale School of Public Health. With a Master's degree in Public Health, she went to work at the UConn Health Center, doing cancer research.

In 1988, a cancer diagnosis caused a change in Marsted's career path. Photography became a new focus, while science became less important. After a new cancer was discovered in 1998, she left UConn to start treatment. She began a series of self-portraits documenting the months of chemotherapy as she lost and regained her hair, and the images were published as About My Hair: A Journey to Recovery in 2002.

Marsted continues to create new work and to exhibit her art in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. She lives and works in Canton, Connecticut, where she has formed the Capelli d'Angeli Foundation, dedicated to helping women artists with cancer.

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