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Point Judith, Rhode Island by Bruce Lippincott Guanaco by Carolanne Markowitz Army Ant Soldier by Carl Rettenmeyer
The work of three accomplished photographers--Bruce Lippincott, Carolanne Markowitz, and Carl Rettenmeyer is displayed in this exhibit. All have taken the natural world as their subject, but each has focused his or her attention differently. In images that range from the grandeur of a mountainscape to the minutiae of a tropical anthill, these photographers inform us of worlds that many of us will never know.

From his home in Eastford Connecticut, Bruce Lippincott travels throughout North America to photograph in all seasons. He photographs landscapes and seascapes in color, printing his images on either Cibachrome (slides) or Fuji Crystal Archive paper (color negatives). Bruce exhibits his work frequently and participates in Artist Open Studios spring and fall.

Carolanne Markowitz, a resident of Storrs, photographs wildlife, usually taking slides. She has given many illustrated presentations
on her travels to islands and continents around the world. In January 2001, she and other investigators camped on the glacially windswept
plain of Patagonia to study and record the local flora and fauna.

Carl Rettenmeyer is the Founding Director Emeritus of the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History. As a member of the faculty in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, his research specialty is the behavior of army ants and the hundreds of species of birds, beetles, flies, and mites associated with those ants. He lives in Storrs but journeys to the tropics nearly every year to photograph ants and other biological subjects.

The exhibit galleries in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center may be closed during the week of August 6-10 due to renovations. For more detailed information, contact Jean Nelson at 486-6346. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dodd Research Center, West Corridor
Curators: Roger Crossgrove and Jane Recchio