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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Elusive Journey Mixed Media Collage
by Debi Pendell

For her mixed-media collages, Debi Pendell uses the "stuff" that simply shows up in everyday life: wrapping paper, bags, letters, envelopes, pictures, ribbons, string, wire, fabric, rusty washers, crushed bottle caps, used dryer sheets, and other mundane, but surprising, objects.

With these accidental ingredients, she mixes the intentional: papers printed specifically for a work, her own drawing, clay objects made by the artist, and pages of text that she has written. The conversation between the accidental and the intentional creates a multi-layered experience for the viewer, revealing the beauty, meaning, and importance of the ordinary details of life.

Debi Pendell is a Connecticut native currently living in Cromwell. She maintains two studios, one in Cromwell and one in Hartford. A graduate of Central Connecticut State University and Wesleyan University, she is the 1999 recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Greater Hartford Arts Council.

Artist's Statement
Babbidge Library
Norman D. Stevens Gallery
Coordinated by Michele Palmer