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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Policy on Confidentiality of Library Client Records

The University of Connecticut Libraries is committed to the protection of all library clients’ rights to privacy in respect to their use of library resources. Information collected by any unit of the University of Connecticut Libraries relating to the use of collections and/or services by an individual library client is confidential. Such information is compiled in library records for the following purposes:

  • To maintain information on the location and availability of library resources;
  • To compile usage statistics for collections and services by client category (e.g. faculty, student, staff – statistics are not compiled by individual clients);
  • To enable the Libraries to conduct normal business with clients (e.g. notification, collection of library charges, problem resolution).

Library client records are not retained beyond the period needed to serve the above purposes.

Access to a client’s library records is available only to:

  • The client;
  • Library staff in the course of their assigned work.

Access to individual records and files by any other party, including library staff who have “no need to know,” other University staff, other state and federal employees, or other library clients, is prohibited. Library staff are not authorized to provide any information concerning a client’s use of collections or services to anyone other than the client or to other library staff with a “need to know” to perform their assigned duties.

Subpoenas, warrants, and court orders (including court orders resulting from the surveillance provisions of the USA Patriot Act) for disclosure of library client records are referred directly to the Office of the Attorney General on the Storrs Campus of the University of Connecticut for resolution.

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