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Digital Audio Reserve Copyright Policy:
Information for Instructors

Access to Recordings

Access to streamed recordings will be provided through HuskyCT for the duration of the class for which they are intended. Access to files is to be strictly limited to the students enrolled in the class, and the course instructors/TAs. The library will remove access to the files at the completion of the course; files will not be otherwise publicly available. It is illegal to download, copy, redistribute, modify, and/or archive any of these digital audio files. The original phonorecord will also be placed on reserve.

For more information, see DAR copyright information for students (this also applies to faculty and TAs).


At the instructor’s request, library staff will reproduce and provide access within the specified course in HuskyCT to digital copies of sound recordings. For musical works, whole movements or an entire works may be used; amounts are limited to those normally required as assigned listening. The Libraries will reproduce only the works needed, rather than entire audio discs, unless the disc itself is one large work. Library staff will not reproduce or share files for any other purpose. Library staff reserve the right to refuse materials for DAR if, in their judgment, the request exceeds fair use.


The following materials will not be offered through Digital Audio Reserve:

• consumables (e.g., workbooks)
• textbooks
• practice tapes
• commercial anthologies
• works that musically replicate more than 25% of a commercial anthology (even if the performances are different)
• works prohibited by licensing restrictions.


Copyrighted materials used in DAR must be owned by the University of Connecticut Libraries, a University of Connecticut department, or the course instructor, and are made available for educational use and curriculum support only.

The Libraries will make a good faith effort to purchase a commercially available copy, if available, of materials provided by the instructor or department.

Items that are needed for immediate, spontaneous use may be placed on reserve while a good faith effort is made to lawfully acquire the work. Such items will not be retained or re-used unless the work is acquired or permissions granted.

Materials Not Owned by the UConn Libraries or Course Instructor

The instructor must get written permission from the copyright owner to use sound recordings not owned by the university or instructor. Remember that copyright applies to both the musical work and the performance. Such items might include the following:

• Archival recordings
• Copyrighted materials used in recorded course lectures
• Departmental musical performances

Digital Files Submitted by Instructors

Instructors may submit copyright-compliant digital files for DAR via magnetic disk, optical disk, email attachment, or file sharing, provided the files are of the same technological standard used by the Libraries (to ensure consistency and functionality). Files submitted should include an embedded copyright statement.

Instructors who submit digitized files to DAR must sign a Copyright Compliance Form signifying acceptance of the DAR copyright policy and verifying that files submitted are copyright compliant according to posted guidelines. This form can be obtained from and returned to the service desk handling the DAR request.

If an instructor submits a sound recording of her/his own lecture for DAR, it is assumed that s/he gives permission for library staff to make appropriate copies necessary to process the request. Sound recordings of course lectures placed on reserve by someone other than the lecturer must be accompanied by written permission from the lecturer.

Linking to Files

Instructors may create hyperlinks to the audio files (e.g., in their syllabi and notes) as long as these documents are only available from within the WebCT environment and include the copyright disclaimer statement:

[Audio files used in research or course activity must be properly cited. Further use of materials, including reposting, redistribution, public display, entertainment, or commercial use is prohibited.] The University of Connecticut is not, under any circumstances, responsible for the unauthorized use or redistribution of digital audio files found on this Web site.

Information in this page was reviewed and approved by legal counsel. Please see disclaimer. Review date: July 2004.

What is DAR?
The Libraries' Digital Audio Reserve service selectively provides streamed audio access (over the Internet via HuskyCT) to lectures, music owned by the University Libraries or the instructor, and audio recordings held in the university's Archives and Special Collections.

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