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Checklist of Questions Before Creating a Digital Collection

  • Do the works in your collection fall into the public domain?
  • Are the works in your collection protected by copyright?
  • If copyright is still in effect for materials, who or what organization owns the copyright?
  • Can the materials be licensed for use (either perpetually or for a specific period of time)?
  • How can you obtain the necessary permissions?
  • What is fair use in copyright law and is digitization of the materials allowed under the fair use guidelines?
  • Will digitization of the materials create any other legal risks for the university, in particular with regard to different types of intellectual property rights in different countries?

Copyright Boilerplate Statements

The following copyright statements must be included with all digital collections at the University of Connecticut. In March 2001, these statements were reviewed and approved by Paul Shapiro, Assistant Attorney General for Connecticut.

Copyright Notice

Please refer to the example below for the standard format of the copyright notice. (See also the general Copyright Statement for UConn's Digital Collections). Note: The recommended copyright notice for the Libraries’ digital collections does not include the word “Libraries.” It is recommended that the copyright notice appear in the footer of each web page as well as within a separate copyright section of each Web site. Additionally, a copyright notice should be embedded within or permanently attached to all graphic images contained in a digital collection.

Format: [Copyright] [ © Symbol] [Year of 1st Publication of the Work], [Name of Copyright Owner]

Example: Copyright © 2000-2001, University of Connecticut

Specific Copyright Statement for a Digital Collection

The following statement(s) should appear in each digital collection.

The materials found in this digital collection are owned, held, or licensed by the University of Connecticut and are available for personal, non-commercial, and educational use, provided that ownership of the materials is properly cited. Any commercial use of the materials, without the written permission of the University of Connecticut, is strictly prohibited. For permission to use specific materials, please contact [Staff Member’s Name and/or email address, including University of Connecticut Libraries, Department, and mailing address, if applicable].

Copyright Disclaimer

The University of Connecticut is not, under any circumstances, responsible for the unauthorized use or redistribution of digital collections found on this Web site.


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