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A [top]

About These Tools
About This Site
About This Initiative
Acceptable Use, Information Technology
Archives & Special Collections
Answers to Hypothetical Questions (email to faculty from Vice Provost Makowsky, 8/23/7)
Archival materials
Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Presentation
Attorney General (Storrs Satellite) (external link)
Authors's Addenda, see Model Agreement Addenda & Licenses
Author Copyright Management -- Web site by the UConn Libraries' Scholarly Communication Team

B [top]

BLC Author Addendum (external link)

C [top]

Center for Science and Technology Commercialization (external link)
Classroom or Educational Guidelines, see Fair-Use Guidelines (Discussion of)
Classroom Handouts
Contacts includes the following:
       Center for Science and Technology Commercialization
       Copyright Team (UConn Libraries)
       Office of Attorney General (Storrs Satellite)
Contract or Contracts, search for Agreement or Agreements
Copy & Scanning Services (Library): Copyright Statement
Copying Materials for Use in Assignments
Copying Published Works
Copying Unpublished Works
Copyright Decision Map (U. Minnesota) (external link)
Copyright FAQ
Copyright HOME
Copyright Owners (Finding)
Copyright Owners' Rights
Copyright Policies at UConn, see Acceptable Use, Information Technology
Copyright Policy Notice, see Notice Warning Concerning
Copyright Registration
Copyright Renewal Database (Stanford) --For books published in the U.S. 1923-63.
Copyright Restrictions
Copyright Team (UConn Libraries), replaces the Copyright Project Team
Copyright Web Sites
Course Reserve Copyright Policy
Creating Derivative Works
Creative Commons

D [top]

Derivative Works
Digital Audio Reserve Copyright Policy -- General
Digital Audio Reserve Copyright Policy -- Information for Instructors
Digital Audio Reserve Copyright Policy -- Information for Library Staff
Digital Audio Reserve Copyright Policy -- Information for Students
DigitalCommons@UConn: Copyright Statement
Digital Collections Created at UConn: Copyright Statement
       Citing a UConn Digital Collection
       Frequently Asked Questions
       Information for Library Staff
Digital Resources
Digital Rights Management
Distance Education
Downloading, see Internet

E [top]

Electronic Services & Copyright (Vista, ePortfolio, etc.)

F [top]

Fair Use
    What Is Fair Use
    Understanding Fair Use
    Fair Use Tools & Guidelines
FAQ (Copyright)
File Sharing, see Internet

Foreign Works, See International Copyright
Format or Type of Material (Index)

G [top]

Government Documents
Graduate Research
Granting or Giving Permission for others to use your work

H [top]


I [top]

Institutional Repository see DigitalCommons@UConn: Copyright Statement
Individual Responsibilities with Respect to Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources now Acceptable Use, Information Technology
Instruction & Information
Instructors' Lectures, Notes, Handouts, and Displays
InterLibrary Loan (Library)
International Copyright
Internet & Copyright (Web Pages, Linking, Downloading, File Sharing, etc.)
IT Services Desk, see Copy and Scanning Services

J [top]


K [top]

Know Your Copy Rights: Using Copyrighted Works in Academic Settings (ARL) -- Copyright outreach for librarians.

L [top]

Length of Term
Library Instruction & Information Literacy (Library)
Library Services: Copyright Statements
Licensed Resources (Library)
Library Services (index of copyright issues)

M [top]

Manuscript Materials
Model Agreement Addenda & Licenses
Multimedia & Copyright

N [top]

Notice Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions (wording and formatting for signs)

O [top]

Obtaining Permissions
Office of the Attorney General (external link)
Orphan Works
Owners' Rights

P [top]

Past Events
Patents & Trademarks
Permission Needed to use a copyrighted work? (Also see Seeking Permission.)
Plagiarism vs. Copyright
Presentations (Libraries' Copyright Team)
Protect Your Rights , see Secure & Retain Your Rights (When Publishing & Distributing)
Public Domain
Public Domain Chart (Hirtle) (external link)
Publications (Libraries' Copyright Team)
Published Works (reproduction of)
Publisher Agreements (includes "Steps" and "Further Reading")
Publishing and/or Distributing Your Work (Index)

Q [top]


R [top]

Reasonable Effort (Definition)
Reference Services (Library)
Research Collaborations with Industrial Partners and Technology Transfer (a formal UConn copyright policy)
Retain Your Rights (When Publishing or Distributing)
Retain Your Rights When Publishing: Further Reading
Retaining Your Copyright -- PDF brochure from the UConn Libraries

S [top]

Sample Permission Letters & Forms
Scholarly Communication & Copyright
Secure & Retain Your Rights (As an Author/Creator)
Seeking Permission to use a copyrighted work
Self-Service Copiers/Printers Copyright Policy
SHERPA: Publishers' Policies (external link)
Sources for Finding Owners
SPARC Author Addendum (external link)
Students & Copyright

T [top]

Teaching Online
Teaching & Copyright (index)
Textual Materials (e.g., books, articles, etc.)
Theses & Dissertations
Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Transferring Your Copyright
Type of Material (Index)

U [top]

UConn Theses & Dissertations
UConn's Digital Collections
Uncopyrighted Works
Unpublished Works (reproduction of)
Unpublished Materials in the UConn Libraries: Copyright Statement
Using or Publishing Student Works

V [top]

Video Screening & Performance Rights
Vista (formerly WebCT)

W [top]

Web Pages, see Internet
Web Sites (on Copyright)
What Is Copyright?
What Is Protected?
Works Created at UConn

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