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Using or Publishing Student Work

As authors, students may hold copyright to their own work, even if created for a course (see Works Created at UConn). Instructors or researchers who wish to publish student work, upload it to a web site (including WebCT/Vista or ePortfolio), or make student work available as models for future classes, should respect this potential right and get permission from their students. Students who wish to use other students' work should do also do this.

Instructors or students may wish to create or adapt an authorization form to make this process easier (see sample permission letters). Ideally, a brochure or web source outlining students' rights would be distributed along with any forms.  Students should be given the option to participate or not. (Some departments may have specific policies or activities that are exceptions to these suggestions.)

Content in this page was used or adapted with permission from one or more institutions. Please see acknowledgements.

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