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The University of Connecticut

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Practice searching for different types of information: books and periodical articles. When you have finished searching, close extra browser windows to proceed .

Search for books


Search for articles

HOMER, UConn Libraries Catalog   Academic Search Premier
  • Search for and request materials held by the UConn system.
  • If you would like more information about performing a complete search in HOMER, UConn Libraries Catalog, view the demonstration below.
  • Provides indexing and abstracting for approximately 6,000 scholarly and general interest periodicals
  • Covers all major fields of study in the humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.
  • Off-campus, this database is available only to UConn faculty, staff, and students.

HOMER, UConn Libraries Catalog Demonstrations (Flash)

flash animation of searching on the HOMER catalog


Title Search in HOMER


flash animation of searching on the HOMER catalog


Keyword Relevance Search in HOMER






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search through binoculars


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