A topic definition statement should do the following:

Provide background for the issues

Much collegiate sportswear is produced in sweatshops in third world countries. Laborers earn pennies a day under horrible working conditions. Yet consumers pay exorbitant prices for these goods.

Summarize the purpose of your project and how you will accomplish it

This paper will examine the degree to which consumers are able to influence corporations to do business in a socially responsible manner. Therefore, I will identify instances of abuses in the collegiate sportswear industry and demonstrate how consumers can make an impact upon corporations.

Include a "working title"

"Ethical Consumerism: Can It Make a Difference?"

Indicate questions to be answered

Key question: "What impact can ethical consumerism have on corporations and the environment?"

Sub-questions: "What statistical results have been compiled by those who support ethical consumerism?" "Has Nike improved working conditions in their overseas manufacturing plants since their negative publicity?"