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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Library Services for Persons with Disabilities: Stamford

Jeremy Richard Library
University of Connecticut - at Stamford
1 University Place
Stamford, CT 06901-2315

Contact Information
Library Main Number:
203-251-8500 | Fax: 203-251-8501

It is the mission of the University of Connecticut Libraries to provide every library patron access to all library facilities and collections to the best of our abilities.

This page contains information on library services for persons with disabilities at the Jeremy Richard Library of the University of Connecticut at Stamford.


The Library provides assistance to persons with permanent or temporary disabilities on an individual basis. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Retrieval of library materials held at the Stamford Campus.
  • Assistance with bibliographic sources.
  • Orientation to the Stamford Library building.
  • Assistance with research projects.
  • Home delivery and Scanning Services [HBL Storrs]


The University of Connecticut complies with federal and state disability rights laws and permits service animals that assist persons with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities on all University of Connecticut campuses where participants and members of the public are normally allowed, including food service areas. Questions regarding a service animal at the UConn Stamford campus should contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the UConn Stamford Student Services department. People with Disabilities, Policy Statement.


The Jeremy Richard Library has accessible workstations for the Library's electronic services. Please inform us of any concerns you might have with the library accessibility or if you are looking for additional accommodations.

Physical Access

  • Campus Accessibility Accessible entrances are located on Franklin St, and at the corner of Broad St. and Washington Blvd. (There is a ramp straight ahead when entering the building at Broad St. and Washington Blvd).
  • Specially designated spaces are available in the garage and located in the faculty section toward the front gate exit. There are also specially designated parking spaces located on Franklin street alongside the building where the Corner cafe and library are located.
  • The main entrance to the Library is left open to the concourse. An elevator to the second floor of the Library is located just past the Library Services Desk. The book stacks, rest rooms, and group study rooms are all accessible.

Retrieval of Books and Journals held at the Stamford Campus

Requests for retrieval of library materials held at other libraries are made through the Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan by University of Connecticut students, faculty and staff.

Emergency Procedures

In the case of an emergency, library staff will assist patrons with disabilities out of the front or back exits of the Library. Patrons on the 2nd floor will need to go to the landing inside the nearest fire exit stairwell (outside the Schreiber Reading Room). Staff will notify emergency services personnel (police, firemen, EMS) of their location. They will remove the person from the building.

Links to other University of Connecticut Resources for Students with Disabilities