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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Library Policies

Jeremy Richard Library
University of Connecticut - at Stamford
1 University Place
Stamford, CT 06901-2315

Contact Information
Library Main Number:

Borrowing Materials | Computer Use | Confidentiality | Library Property | Food & Beverages | Hours | Databases | Group Study | Laptops & Wifi | Security/Lost & Found | Noise & Cell Phones | Printing & Photocopying | Reshelving | Reference Assistance | Persons with Disabilities | Visitor Information | University Code of Conduct | University Policies & Procedures

Borrowing Materials

A valid UConn ID is required to borrow Course Reserve and/or Circulating materials and Lending Equipment. Additional information concerning loan periods and renewals is available at the Libraries' Circulation Policies.

Computer Use Policy

Priority for use of computers is given to UConn students, faculty, and staff. Usage is primarily for academic and course-related activities. Students accessing computers for personal use may be asked to relinquish the computer. You must login with your NetID and logoff after your session.

Community and Public Users
may use the one Guest Terminal for 30 minutes per day and must sign the form located on the clipboard near the workstation. Public users may be asked to relinquish the computer to UConn faculty, staff or students at any time. Library staff appreciate that the public user observes library policy and relinquish the computer after 30 minutes. The library staff will take additional steps to regulate computer use.

The Jeremy Richard Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement of the American Library Association. Patrons must abide by the President’s Policy on Harassment that “forbids harassment that has the effect of interfering with an individual’s performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.” Displaying hate literature or pornography constitutes such harassment and will not be tolerated. All computer users must abide by the University IT Policies and the Libraries' Workstation Policy.


Under Connecticut law, library patron files may not be divulged except by court order. This means we cannot tell anyone who has a particular item checked out. We will be glad to recall material from another patron if requested by a member of the University of Connecticut community, and these individuals also may request an InterLibrary Loan copy if our copy has been checked out.

Defacing Library Property

Unauthorized removal, mutilation, defacement, or marking of library property, materials or equipment is prohibited. The intentional damaging of library materials is a misdemeanor punishable by law and will be reported to the campus Police.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food is not permitted anywhere in the library. Water and other beverages are allowed if contained in a covered container, however beverages are not permitted near the computers. Please properly dispose of all trash in available recycling containers and promptly report any spills to the Library Services Desk.

Patrons are informed to eat their food outside the library in the campus concourse with plenty of tables and chairs. Patrons who fail to comply with library policy will be asked to leave.


Library Databases

The University of Connecticut Libraries purchases access to Licensed Electronic Resources on behalf of the University of Connecticut community. Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information or using software such as scripts, agents, or robots, to retrieve information is generally prohibited.

Group Study Rooms

The library has a variety of study area options on the first and second floors. Individual study carrels and large group tables are located on all floors of the library. There are live data jacks throughout the library and wireless internet access is available. VCR and DVD players are available in most group study rooms. Usage is limited to two hours due to high demand. Food and noise policies must be followed in group study areas. Rooms left unattended with personal belongings may be referred to the campus Police.

Sign-up is required at at the Library Services Desk with a valid UConn ID. Study room keys are picked up and returned at the library services desk at sign-up and remain in the library, if student need to step out. UConn faculty and staff may reserve study rooms by contacting the library director. Members of the community may request access to use study rooms with a valid ID during slow demand periods of the semester; however priority is given to UConn Students, Faculty and Staff.


Wireless Access and Wireless Printing

is available from personal laptops and other mobile devices throughout the Stamford campus to UConn Students, Faculty and Staff by using their NetID on the UConn-Secure Network. Set up your HuskyPrint (wireless printing) at the library today!

Guests & Visitors on campus must follow different instructions to have access to the UConn Guest Wireless Network. [Instructions Handoutt]

Reminder -Wireless Printing is not available for Guests, please read above about printing and photocopying requirements for visitors/guests.

Library Security | Lost & Found

The main doors near the Library Services Desk are the only entrance to the library. Patrons must pass through security gates upon entering and exiting. An alarm will sound if library materials are removed without being properly checked out. Occasionally, a laptop computer, commercial videotape, or store security device will set off the alarm. If an alarm sounds while you are leaving the Library, please return to the Library Services Desk.

Lost & Found Materials: On occassion, library staff find materials left behind or forgotten by users.If you feel that you've left something behind at the library, please speak to the library staff.

The Library has no facilities for secure storage of personal property and assumes no responsibility for personal property lost or stolen on library premises. Never leave personal property unattended in the library. If you've lost personal property you can stop by the library services desk, the campus welcome center or contact the campus Police for assistance.

Noise & Cell Phone Use

All patrons should respect the rights of others by keeping noise levels as low as possible. This policy applies to all open areas of the Library. If you must have a lengthy conversation, please step outside the library to do so. The University of Connecticut Libraries is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users. Please be considerate of those studying around you.

When you enter the Library, turn off your cell phone ringer. Be considerate of those studying around you; keep all conversations with your neighbors short and your voice lowered.

Group Study rooms are available, but noise restrictions need to be followed there as well in order to respect the general atmosphere of the library. If you need to use your cell phone, step outside the library to do so.

Please report any violations of the noise policy to a library staff member. We thank you for your cooperation in making the University of Connecticut Libraries a better place to study and conduct research.

Printing & Photocopying & Scanning

The library uses a Husky One Card for Printing & Photocopying. The Jeremy Richard Library offers B&W ($.10 cents per page) and color printing ($.35 cents per page). The library is unable to handle cash or provide change, so kindly plan accordingly. Scanning is available free of charge.

please get your Husky One Card photo taken in order to get your FREE University ID at the campus Bursar's Office. Your University ID is your library card to print/photocopy, and to use library spaces and equipment. When you receive your Husky One Card, add money to your card at the Co-op/Bookstore or online for HuskyBucks. Once you've added funds to your Husky One Card you can use your UConn ID at the Corner Cafe, Library and UConn Co-op/Bookstore.

UConn Stamford Faculty & Adjuncts: photocopying and printing is available for you at the faculty office area using your assigned copy code. If you are in the library learning commons, please go to the Tech Support Desk for help with printing issues.

Visitors/Guests on campus needing to print or photocopy at the library must purchase a library services card at the University Co-op/Bookstore during their hours of operation. UConn Stamford Co-op/Bookstore Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9-7PM| Fri: 9-4PM| Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Wireless Printing:

Only available for UConn Students, Faculty and Staff only using their NetID on the UConn-Secure Network. Go to the HuskyPrint website and follow the instructions to install HuskyPrint on your laptop.

Wireless Printing is not a service available to Visitors/Guests/Non-UConn Affiliates/Community Borrowers.

Printing Etiquette:

Printers are a shared resource on campus, and it is very important that each user does their part to conserve paper and toner.

Problems & Suggestions

Problems and repair requests should be promptly reported to the Library Services Desk or contact the library director.


Patrons are asked not reshelve materials after use. Books left on carrels and tables are routinely shelved by library staff.

Reference Assistance

Reference Librarians are available to assist students and faculty in research. Librarians will also help assist you with the use of library databases, Interlibrary Loan and in locating materials, and resolving Issues related to overdue materials and fines. Ask a Librarian Live lets you ask questions and get answers in real time, from the staff at the University Libraries.

Persons with Disabilities

Visitor Information & Public Use of Library Collection

We welcome the use of our collections and services. Everyone is welcome to make on-site use of the libraries; however those who do not have a current or formal relationship with the University of Connecticut will have to abide by the libraries policies for visitors. Policies and computer use may differ at each campus so contact the regional campus library you plan on visiting.

Access to Library Resources:
Computer stations and equipment are intended to support academic research by UConn students, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors. UConn is contractually bound to limit access to databases and e-resources to current UConn students, faculty, and staff. Use of library resources by visitors must not interfere with the needs of the UConn Community.

Regional Campus Libraries are authorized to restrict public use of computers in support of academic needs. Guest Wireless access is available to visitors with a valid credentials using the University UConn-Guest network. The Library also adheres to Connecticut Code - Sec. 53-21a with regard to unsupervised children. Public users are able to avail themselves of the seating area on the first floor and second floor.

The use of library equipment and study rooms are restricted to UConn students, staff and faculty. The library staff will gladly address questions about the library, its collection and also how to retrieve items in the stack areas.

All visitors to the Stamford Campus -Jeremy Richard Library are expected to follow guidelines for library etiquette as mention below:

  • General Conduct/Behavior- anyone running or shouting or participating in disruptive, annoying or destructive behavior will be asked to leave the library immediately. The library staff member has the right and obligation to ask for person(s) to present identification. If an individual's disruptive behavior does not change or individual refuses to leave when asked by a library staff member, the campus Police will be called immediately.

  • Noise & Cell Phone Use- All patrons should respect the rights of others by keeping noise levels as low as possible. This policy applies to all open areas of the library. When you enter the library, turn off your cell phone ringer. If you need to use your cell phone, step outside the library to do so in order to not disturb students studying.

  • Food - all food is prohibited anywhere in the library. Beverages are permitted only in spill-poroff cups or screw -tops bottles, but prohibitted near library computers. Please use the campus concourse tables, outside the library to eat your meals before entering the library space.

  • Children in the library - The library adheres to Connecticut Code-Sec.53.21a with regard to unsupervised children. A child must be under the constant supervision of a parent or designated adult custoida at all times when they are in the library; and the parent or adult custodian is responsible for their children's behavior. Children are prohibited from using the library computers.

  • Borrowing Books -Visitors are welcome to use print materials in-house at the library. Visitors and Guest may not directly borrow print materials unless they have signed up and completed a community borrower application for a Community Borrower Card. The commmunity borrower card is only available to CT residents. Please visit the Community Borrower Program website for eligibility and policies.

  • Guest Computer Terminal- Visitors may use a designated Guest computer workstation for 30 minutes per day and must sign the form located on the clipboard nearby. Priority for use of computers is given to UConn students, faculty, and staff. You will be asked to move to the designated Guest terminal if you are using another workstation designated for UConn student, faculty and staff use. You will be asked to leave if the libraries computer use policies are abused, this includes abusing the time limit for computer use and/or displaying images or text that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile or offensive.
    The computers use is governed by the Universty of Connecticut's Policy on Harrassment.

  • Printing/Photocopying/Scanning- Printing and Photocopies costs are $.10 cents per page. Color Printing is available for $.35 cents per page.

    Visitors on campus needing to print or photocopy at the library must purchase a library services card (copy card) at the University Co-op/Bookstore during their hours of operation. Proceed to the UConn Co-op/Bookstore in order to purchase the copy card for $3 (plus tax) so that you may add money to the card. Printing and Photocopying equipment are located on the first floor of the library. The UConn library does not offer faxing services. The library does offer free scanning.

  • Wireless Access for Guests - if you anticipate visiting the campus and require internet access using your personal laptop or mobile device, you will need to arrive on campus with your personal device and login to the UCONN-GUEST Network. [Instructions Handout]

    Reminder -Wireless Printing is not available for Guests, please read above about printing and photocopying requirements for visitors/guests.

  • Reference Assistance - visitors may seek assistance on the use of library resources at UConn, but access is limited. We encourage visitors to start with their hometown public library to ensure they have utilized their local or regional resources. UConn students, faculty and staff have priority in Reference Service and the use of all library resources and equipment.

  • InterLibrary Loan - ILL services is limited to currently enrolled UConn students, faculty and staff. Visitors should request ILL services through their home school or public library. Visitors who are CT residents may apply for a Community Borrower Card in order to check out books (only from the UConn Libraries print collection). Access to the libraries electronic resources is not a privilege of the Community Borrower Card.
  • UConn Stamford Visitor Information - map, directions, event facilities, and campus tour. Contact the Stamford Campus Welcome Center at 203-251-8400.