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University of Connecticut University Libraries

DVD and Video Collection: Subject List (updated June 2012)

Call Number
Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
B 905 .N492 New England transcendentalists
B 3722 .I57 2011 (DVD) Inside Job
BF 371 .D67 2004 (DVD) Don't Forget!
BF 431 .I58 2004 (DVD) Intelligence, creativity, and thinking styles
BF 432.3 .H69 1995 How are kids smart?: multiple intelligences in the classroom
BF 637 .C8 I47 cass. 1-3 Improving your counseling skills
BF 692.2 .H86 1987 Human animal: Family & survival
BF 692.5 .B76 2011 (DVD) The bro code: how contemporary culture creates sexist men
BF 692.5 .T68 2002 (DVD) Tough guise: violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity
BF 719 .I533 Infant and child development
BF 721 .H8 Human development: 12-16 years the role of parents
BF 721 .P553 Piaget's developmental theory: an overview
BF 723 .A75 A88 (DVD) Attachment & Loss
BF 723 .C5 C64 (DVD) Cognitive development
BF 723 .T9 M97 Mystery of twins
BF 724.3 .C58 I57 (DVD)

Frontline: Inside the Teenage Brain

BH 301 .C84 A55 2009 (DVD) Ann Leary, Marie Bostwick, Lauren Lipton creative conversations
BH 301 .C84 E45 2008 (DVD) Elizabeth Thomas & Carol Potter reading selections from their work
BH 301 .C84 F73 2008 (DVD) Frank Delaney Tipperary
BH 301 .C84 F733 2008 (DVD) Frank McCourt Angela and the baby Jesus
BH 301 .C84 H45 2008 (DVD) Helen Houghton, Susan Kinsolving, Jack Gilpin the music lover's poetry anthology
BH 301 .C84 L56 2008 (DVD) Linda Starr/Robin Magowan/Juliet Mattila/Bhuchung Sonam reading and discussing
BH 301 .C84 M37 2008 (DVD) Marie Bostwick Fields of gold, river's edge, on wings of the morning
BH 301 .C84 S87 2008 (DVD) Susan Kingsong & Elizabeth MacDonald sharing their work
BH 301 .C84 T66 2008 (DVD) Tommy Simpson & Karen LaFleur furniture maker & digital narrative artist.
BL 304 .C37 1988 pt.1,3,6 Joseph Campbell and The power of myth with Bill Moyers (3 cassettes)
  pt. 1 The hero's adventure
  pt. 3 The first storytellers
  pt. 6. Masks of eternity
BL 80.2 .W57 (DVD) The wisdom of faith (5 discs)
  Disc 1. Hinduism and Buddhism
  Disc 2. Confucianism
  Disc 3. Christianity and Judaism
  Disc 4. Islam
  Disc 5. A personal philosophy
BL 2530 .H3 D58 1985 Divine horsemen: The living gods of Haiti
BL 2747.3 A84 2008 (DVD) Atheism tapes
BP 75 .M84 Muhammad: The voice of god
BP 176 .F56 Five pillars of Islam (Series : the world of Islam)
BP 605 .P46 J66 2007 (DVD) Jonestown: the life and death of Peoples Temple
BQ 893 .B83 2010 (DVD) Buddha (The Story of Siddhartha)
BQ 4055 .H634 2008 (DVD) Woody Hochswender, The Buddha in your rearview mirror: A guide to practicing Buddhism
BQ 7935 .B777 K86 Kundun
BR 145 .T86 cass. 2 Two thousand years
BR 280 .C58 City of God
BS 2410 .A2 1988 pt. 1-3 A.D.
BV 4527 .B87 Burning times (Series : Women and Spirituality)
BV 4527 .F85 Full circle (Series : Women and Spirituality)
BV 4527 .G63 Goddess remembered (Series : Women and Spirituality)
BX 9756 .S43 2004 (DVD) Shakers Hands to Work, Hearts to God
BX 9995 .W37 S5437 2008 (DVD) Kristen Skedgell Losing the Way / Program Director, Davyne Verstandig
CB 311 .L45 2009 (DVD) Legacy: The Origins of Civilization (3 discs)
CB 351 .M43 Medieval mind : Abelard
CB 481 .C66 cass. 1 & 2 Conquerors
CS 47 .F33 2010 (DVD) Faces of America
CS 69 .W46 2011 (DVD) Who do you think you are?. Season 1
CT 275 .F5586 M37 1990 Mary Silliman's war heritage films
CT 275 .F5586 M37 2003 (DVD) Mary Silliman's War
CT 275 .I15 G7334 2009 (DVD) Francine du Plessix Grey Them
D 570.9 .Y7 S47 2006 (DVD) Sergeant York
D 767.92 .P437 2001 v.2 (DVD) Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941
D 767.99 .I96 2007 (DVD) Iwo Jima Red Blood, Black Sand
D 769.8 .A6 B49 (DVD) Beyond barbed wire untold stories of American courage
D 769.8 .A6 C66 2000 Conscience and the Constitution
D 769.8 .A6 D39 2005 (DVD) Days of waiting: the life and art of Estelle Ishigo
D 769.8 .A6 H435 1997 (DVD) Heart Mountain: three years in a relocation center
D 769.8 .A6 M67 2007 (DVD) Most Honorable Son
D 769.8 .A6 P35 2004 (DVD) In time of war: the Japanese American experience of WW II
D 769.8 .A6 T56 (DVD) Time of Fear
D 769.8 .A6 U54 2005 (DVD) Unfinished business: the Japanese-American internment cases
D 792.J3 W56 2007 (DVD) Wings of defeat
D 804 .G4 U53 2008 (DVD) Unbekannte Soldat, The Unknown Soldier
D 811.5 .W37 2007 (DVD) War
D 811.5 .W37 2007 (booklet) War
DA 990 .A8 M25 Man of Aran
DC 203 .N37 (DVD) Napoleon Bonaparte: the glory of France (A&E)
DE 86 .C53 no.5 Classical civilization: Greek epic
DF 217 .G7 pt.2-4 Classical civilization: The Greeks (Series)
  The classical age
  Heroes and men
  The minds of men
DF 220 .G744 1988 Greek beginning
DF 229 .T55 B37 1993 War that never ends: Thucydides, the Pelopennesian wars and Plato, Alcibiades I
DF 243 .A44 2004 (DVD) Alexander the Great: the man behind the legend
DG 70 .P7 P66 1995 Pompeii - Buried Alive
DK 61 .R87 2003 (DVD) Russia: Land of the Tsars
DK 170 .S273 Scarlet Empress
DK 268 .S8 S73 Stalin: man of steel
DS 38.1 .A73 Arabs make their entrance: Islam and the Empire
DS 79.76 .A3924 2007 (DVD) Alive day memories home from Iraq
DS 79.764 .U6 B34 2007 (DVD) Baghdad ER
DS 414.2 .S68 (DVD) The soul of India
DS 481 .G3 M34 (DVD) Mahatma Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace (A&E)
DS 493.6 .G87 Gurkha country (Series: Studies in Nepal)
DS 771 .C45 2002 (DVD) China's Boxer Rebellion
DS 774 .C4413 2007 (DVD) (3 discs) China A Century of Revolution
  Disc 1: China in revolution. Battle for survival 1911-1936. Fighting for the future 1936-1949.
  Disc 2: The Mao Years. Catch the stars and moon 1949-1960. It is right to rebel! 1960-1976.
  Disc 3: Born under the Red Flag. Surviving Mao. The New Generation.
DS 779.32 .T36 2006 (DVD) Tank Man
DS 835 .J38 cass. 1-4 Japan
DS 881.8 .F4535 2007 (DVD) George Feifer, Breaking Open Japan
DS 889.16 .J37 2002 (DVD) Japan under American occupation
DT 20 .A57 v.3 Africa: The Bible and the gun; The magnificent African cake
DT 157.672 .S9235 2007 (DVD) Amy Costello, The Quick and the Terrible
DT 380.4 .M67 Disappearing world series: the Mursi - the land is bad
DT 433.223 .G6 2008 (DVD) Go
DT 433.545 .M33 M37 2003 (DVD) The Masai of Kenya
DT 636.5 .P739 2008 (DVD) Pray the devil back to hell
DT 1058 .K86 N35 N!ai, the story of a !Kung women
DU 740.42 .B37 T6 People in change series: Towards Baruya Manhood
E 99 .D1 S65 Spirit of Crazy Horse
E 99 .E7 N25 Nanook of the north
E 99 .N3 S42 Seasons of the Navajo
E 99 .O58 W55 Winds of change: a matter of promise
E 99 .T6 H23 Haa Shagoon
E 159.5 .O83 Odyssey: Other peoples garbage
E 169 .O2 H344 v.1-6 Fifties (Series : 6 cassettes)
  1. The fear & the dream
  2. Selling the American way
  3. Let's play house
  4. A burning desire
  5. The beat
  6. The rage within & the road to the sixties
E 184 .C5 B43 2003 (DVD)
program 1-3

Becoming American - The Chinese Experience

  1. Gold Mountain

2. Between Two Worlds

  3. No Turning Back
E 184 .F4 F55 1994 Filipino Americans Discovering their past for the future
E 184 .H55 B45 2000 (DVD) Being Hmong Means Being Free
E 184 .I6 M11735 2005 (DVD) Evening with Frank McCourt
E 184 .I6 M1179 Angela's Ashes
E 184 .I6 M38 1999 (DVD) McCourt's of New York
E 184 .I8 M55 2003 (CD-ROM) Milestones of the Italian American Experience : 1492-2003
E 184 .I8 P75 2003 (DVD) Prisoners among us: Italian-American identity & World War II
E 184 .K6 A757 2003 (DVD) Arirang Arirang
E 184 .S67 R3535 2007 (DVD) Anne Makepeace Rain in a Dry Land
E 185.61 .F68 (DVD) 4 Little Girls
E 185.86 .B36 (DVD) Banished
E 185.93 .M6 M5 2001 (DVD) Mississippi Burning
E 185.96 .A4462 2008 (DVD) African American lives. 2
E 185.97 .H2 A339 2007 (DVD) Roots
E 185.97 .L5 A39 The autobiography of Malcolm X
E 208 .L53 (DVD) Liberty! The American Revolution
E 441 .S53 2005 v.1-4 (DVD) Slavery and the Making of America

1. The Downward Spiral

  2. Liberty in the Air
  3. Seeds of Destruction
  4. The Challenge of Freedom
E 447 .A557 1995 Amistad Revolt "All we want is make us free"
E 447 .A557 1995 (guide) Amistad Revolt "All we want is make us free"
E 451 .J64 John Brown’s holy war (The American Experience)
E 457 .V353 2009 (DVD) Charles Van Doren, Lincoln, The Man and the Myth
E 468 .C58 2002 (DVD) The Civil War (5 discs)
  Disc 1: 1861 - The cause
  Disc 2 : 1862 - A very bloody affair & 1862 - Forever free
  Disc 3: 1863 - Simple Murder & 1863 - The universe of murder
  Disc 4: 1864 - Valley of the shadow of death & 1864 - Most hallowed ground
  Disc 5: 1865 - War is all hell & 1865 - The better angels of our nature
E 513.5 54th G56 (DVD) Glory
E 668 .R436 2004 (DVD) Reconstruction the second Civil War
E 807.1 .R48 E43 2005 (DVD) Eleanor Roosevelt (American Experience)
E 887 .C55 H542 1994 Front line: Hillary's Class
F 29 .H15 M53 A midwife's tale
F 73.9 .J5 B4735 2006 (DVD) Burton Bernstein Family Matters
F 94 .C6 2006 v. 1 no.1-10 (DVD) Series: Connecticut Collection
  no.1 When disaster struck Connecticut
  no.2 The circus fire
  no.3 The flood of '55
  no.4. Colt: legend & legacy
  no.5 New England and the Civil War
  no.6 Mark Twain's neighborhood Nook Farm
  no.7 UConn men's basketball: an illustrated history
  no.8 You're on the air! the early years of Connecticut television
  no.9 Remember when...
  no.10 Legends: the real Bob Steele, Mr. Kennedy comes to Connecticut, Ella Grasso
F 128.3 .N49 disc 8 (DVD) The Center of the World, Episode 8: 1946-2003 (Series: New York: A Documentary Film)
F 128.68 .G8 1992 Greenwich Village Writers: The Bohemian Legacy
F 380 .A2 L68 Louisiana story
F 591 .R42 The real west
F 817 .M6 Monument Valley: Navajo homeland
F 870 .J3 C48 1995 (DVD) Chrysanthemums and salt
F 1210 .C49 1986 The civilization of Mexico
F 1465.3 .C13 M4 Disappearing world series: Cakchiquel maya of San Antonio Palopo
F 2524 .B73 1991 Brazil in the 16th and 17th centuries
F 3429 .G74 2007 (DVD) The Great Inca rebellion
Geography and Anthropology
GB 601 .M97 2002 Mysterious life of caves
GF 75 .A13 2008 (DVD) The 11th hour
GN 21 .B67 F72 Odyssey: Franz Boas: 1852-1942
GN 426 .T6 To live with herds
GR 72 .D45 2009 (DVD) Beautiful Bridge: Our Journey from the Cave to the Page
GT 3203 .U53 2007 (DVD) The Undertaking
GT 4995 .A4 C39 Celebrating the day of the dead
GT 5856.84.H86 The hunters
Social and Political Sciences
HB 846.5 .T45 2010 (DVD) This land is our land
HC 79 .P6 E53 2010 (DVD) The End of Poverty?
HC 108 .F5 R64 (DVD) Roger and Me
HC 110 .C63 U57 2007 (DVD) An unreasonable man (Ralph Nader)
HD 1698.I42 D76 2004 (DVD) Drowned out
HD 2731.C67 2004 (DVD) The Corporation: a documentary
HD 4918 .W34 2002 (DVD) Wage Slaves: not getting by in America
HD 5856.C5 L37 2011 (DVD) Last train home
HD 6190 .K47 W6 Women of Kerala
HD 9703.U54 H46 (DVD) Pursuit of precision : the story of the Hendey Machine Company
HF 5415.33 U6 M47 (DVD) The merchants of cool
HF 5459.U6 S43 2007(DVD) Sidewalk
HF 5823 .P47 2004 (DVD) The persuaders
HG 3711 .U6 I5 2007 (DVD) In debt we trust: America before the bubble bursts
HM 206 .G86 (DVD) Guns germs and steel
HM 831 .P46 2010 (DVD) The People Speak
HM 1281 .F66 2000 (DVD) A force more powerful
HQ 29 .P875 2011 (DVD) The purity myth: the virginity movement’s war against women
HQ 76.27 .Y68 G735 2008 (DVD) Gramercy Stories
HQ 77.95 .N2 B69 Boy's don't cry
HQ 281 .B68 1997 (DVD) Bought & Sold
HQ 314 .C37 2006 (DVD) Cargo Innocence Lost
HQ 525 .J4 B83 Bubbeh Lee and Me
HQ 670 .D33 Odyssey: Dadi's Family
HQ 670 .S24 Sager's Choice: Arranged marriages in India
HQ 767.9 .D48 v.6 The developing child. Adolescence
HQ 767.9 .D48 T44 (DVD) Theories of development
HQ 777 .G57 2009 (DVD) Girl's Life with Rachel Simmons
HQ 777.5 .C455 Children of divorce (GIFT)
HQ 783 .E27 2003 (DVD) Early socialisation : Max & Ellie 2-5
HQ 792 .U5 C495 1991 Childhood in America
HQ 792 .V4 V48 1991 Growing up young. Venezuela: Children of the street
HQ 799.95 .D484 Cass.2 The developing adult
HQ 1064 .U5 G76 v.1-13 Growing old in a new age (Series)
  1. Myths and realities of aging
  2. How the body ages
  3. Maximizing physical potential of older adults
  4. Love, intimacy and sexuality
  5. Learning, memory and speed of behavior
  6. Intellect, personality and mental health
  7. Social roles and relationships in old age
  8. Family and intergenerational relationships
  9. Work, retirement and economic status
  10. Illness and disability
  11. Dying death and bereavement
  12. Societal and political aspects of aging
  13. The future of aging
HQ 1064 .U5 T45 These vital years: a conversation with Betty Friedan
HQ 1073.3 .T43 2006 (DVD) Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss
HQ 1073.3 .T43 2006 (guide) Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss
HQ 1075.5 .K9 H4 Kypseli: Women and men apart - adivided reality
HQ 1170 .W56 Islamic conversations : Women and Islam
HQ 1412 .N68 (DVD) Not for ourselves alone : the story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
HQ 1420 .L53 The life and times of Rosie the Riveter
HQ 1767 .H353 Half the Sky : the women of the Jiang family : a woman's place
HT 352 .U6 E54 2004 (DVD) The end of suburbia: oil depletion and the collapse of the American dream
HT 352 .U6 S83 2007 (DVD) Subdivided: isolation and community in America
HT 1521 .R336 Race and ethnicity
HT 1521 .V56 2010 (DVD) Vincent who?
HV 636 2005 .L8 W44 2006 (DVD) When the Levees Broke, A Requiem in Four Acts
HV 636 2005 .N4 T76 2008 (DVD) Trouble the Water
HV 696 .F6 P75 2004 (DVD) Price of Aid
HV 741 .C6 1991 Child abuse: The perfect Crime
HV 742 .M2 F343 2003 (DVD) Failure to Protect: The Taking of Logan Marr & Caseworker Files
HV 847.C6 C46 2004 (DVD) China's lost girls
HV 888 .C45 2004 Children in Crisis
HV 5833 .B2 C67 (DVD) Corner
HV 2530 .T76 2007 (DVD) Through Deaf Eyes
HV 5824 .Y28 N5 1988 Nightmare on drug street
HV 6248 .H453 G66 Goodfellas
HV 6432.7 .S54 2007 (DVD) Sheila Nevins/John Huffman/Paula Heredia: In Memoriam, New York City, 9/11/01
HV 6433 .A34 T39 2008 (DVD) Taxi to the Dark Side
HV 6533 .C66 A44 2002 (DVD) American Justice
HV 6533 .N7 B76 Brother's keeper
HV 6534 .C28 P48 2009 (DVD) Peter Reilly/Donald Connery/Andrew Scheider: Conviction and Innocence
HV 6545 .F54 2004 (DVD) Fierce Goodbye, Living in the Shadow of Suicide
HV6546 .O5 1998 On the edge: depression
HV 6626 .P37 2005 (DVD) Barbara Parsons: Domestic Violence Awareness Month
HV6773.54 .F35 1999 (DVD) The Brandon Teena story
HV 8501 .P86 2004 (DVD) Punishment
HV 8698 .B6735 2006 (DVD) Antoinette Bosco Choosing Mercy, A mother of a murder victim pleads to end the death penalty
HV 8698 .B6736 2009 (DVD) Antoinette Bosco Discussing Abolishing the Death Penalty
JC 578 .J88 2009 (DVD) Justice, What's the Right Thing to do?
JC 599 .U5 U53 2004 Unconstitutional, The War on Our Civil Liberties
JK 515 .S42 1991 v.1-4 The president and the constitution (Series)
  1. President Nixon
  2. President Ford
  3. President Carter
  4. President Reagan
JK 516 .M36 2006 (DVD) Mandate: the President and the people
JK 1717 .K54 1986 Martin Luther King: "I have a dream"
JK 1764 .S53 2007 (DVD) Slacker Uprising
KJ 1896 .054 2005 (DVD) One Woman, One Vote
KF 4550 .O97 2005 (DVD) Our Constitution: a conversation
KF 4575 .J83 Judicial review
KF 4772 .C66 2007 (DVD) Commiting Poetry in Times of War
KF 5130 .S9 K39 2006 (DVD) Key constitutional concepts
KF 8742 .S914 2009 (DVD) Supreme Court, Home to America's Highest Court
KF 8745 .T48 H55 Hill vs. Thomas
LA 2317 .M36 A3 2006 (DVD) Frank McCourt Teacher Man
LB 3609 .C38 2004 Caught Cheating/ABC News Productions
M 235 .A56 2007 (DVD) Anne Chamberlain, Peter Zay perform sonatas by Brahms, Scubert and Prokofiev
ML 50 .P965 M229 Madame Butterfly
ML 50 .S705 C6 1992 Company. Original cast album
ML 350 .R65 cass.1 Romany trail; part one: Gypsy music into Africa
ML 350 .R65 cass.2 Romany trail; part one: Gypsy music into Europe
ML 422 .D8 A3 2006 (DVD) Peter Duchin/Brooke Hayward Ghost of a Chance/Haywire
Fine Arts
N 7396.K45 W55 1999 William Kentridge: drawing the passing
N 351 .M54 Paint!
N 610 .M37 Masterpieces of the Met (gift)
N 5300 .S56 2007 (DVD) Simon Schama’s Power of art
N 6512. A78 (DVD) Art 21: art in the twenty-first century
N 6853 .D8 S43 Marcel Duchamp : the secret of Marcel Duchamp
N 6915 .M37 Masterpieces of Italian art : Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian
N 7425 .P25 C65 (Monet, Claude. Japanese Bridges)
N 7425 .P25 M57 Jan Van Eyck. Madonna with Chancellor Rolin
N 7425 .P25 C65 Color of the Moment, Japanese Bridges Claude Monet (1840-1926)
N 7425 .P25 M57 Miracle in the loggia, Madonna with Chancellor Rolin (circa 1435) Jan van Eyck
ND 196 .C8 N48 New ways of seeing: Picasso, Braque and the Cubist Revolution
ND 212.5 .A25 P25 Painters painting: the New York art scene 1940-1970
ND 237 .O5 G 46 Georgia O'Keeffe
ND 259.K33 F755 (DVD) Frida
ND 553 .M7 P65 Monet : Legacy of light
ND 553 .S5 U86 1991 (Seurat, Georges. A Sunday on la Grande Jette,1884)
ND 623 .M6558 S38 1989 Saving the Sistine Chapel
ND 653 .R4 M57 1991 Rembrandt van Rijn. Self-portraits
ND 673 .E87 J36 Vision on art : Jan van Eyck
Language and Literature
PA 3827 .A8 A8 1992 Agamemnon
PA 4413 .A7 1988 Antigone
PA 4414 .O7 Y4 1988 Oedipus Rex
PA 4414 .O7 T396 Oedipus the King
PA 5610 .K39 L29 The last temptation of Christ
PC 4128 .D4 Destinos: An introduction to spanish (26 cass.)
PE 124 .E54 cass. 3 English file
PE 2846 .N86 (DVD) The N word
PG 3456 .D5 U53 Uncle Vanya
PG 3456 .D5 V36 Vanya on 42nd Street
PL 2840 .W36 B53 Bian Lian : King of Masks
PL 2863.5 .Y9 To Live
PL 2919 .T76 W69 Crouching tiger hidden dragon
PN 471 .W65 A room of one's own
PN 1042 .F66 CASS.1-2 Fooling with words
PN 1064 .W49 Why we write?
PN 1590 .W64 W66 (DVD) Women in Theatre
PN 1992.7 .F87 2007 (DVD) Paul & Linda Fusco ALF
PN 1992.7 .S35 2007 (DVD) Tom Schiller/Barbara Gold Saturday Night Live/TV Commercials; Films
PN 1992.77 .T46 2010 (DVD) Temple Grandin
PN 1992.8 .M87 Dreamworlds 2
PN 1992.8 .M87 D473 (DVD) Dreamworlds 2
PN 1992.8 .M87 D744 2007 (DVD) Dreamworlds 3: desire, sex & power in music video
PN 1992.8 .M87 R65 Gimme shelter, The Rolling Stones
PN 1993.5 .A1 P566 Pioneers of cinema
PN 1993.5 .U6 A44 1994
American cinema (Series : 10 cassettes+B30)
  1. The Hollywood style
  2. The studio system
  3. The star
  4. The western
  5. Romantic comedy
  6. The combat film
  7. Film noir
  8. Film in the television age
  9. The film school generation
  10. The edge of Hollywood
  11. Film language, Writing and thinking about film, Classical Hollywood style today
PN 1993.5 .A1 P566 Pioneers of Cinema
PN 1995 .H38 B75 Bringing up Baby
PN 1995.6 .W45 1994 What's eating Gilbert Grape
PN 1995.75 .G74 V65 Greed
PN 1995.75 .M4 1993 Metropolis
PN 1995.75 N674 2002 (DVD) Nosferatu
PN 1995.9 .A78 H655 2008 (DVD) Hollywood Chinese, The Chinese in American Feature Films
PN 1995.9 .A78 H655 2008 (guide) Hollywood Chinese, The Chinese in American Feature Films
PN 1995.9 .C55 G45 The General
PN 1995.9 .C55 G64 The gold rush / Payday
PN 1995.9 .D4 D68 Double indemnity
PN 1995.9 .D4 R4 1992 Rebecca
PN 1995.9 .F35 W4387 2006 (DVD) What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
PN 1995.9 .F36 N3543 2003 (DVD) Naked Lunch
PN 1995.9 .F54 F75 1995 Frenzy
PN 1995.9 .F54 S45 1995 Shadow of a doubt
PN 1995.9 .G3 B66 1983 Bonnie and Clyde
PN 1995.9 .M65 S86 1994 Sunset Boulevard
PN 1995.9 .M86 P4 1991 Pennies from heaven
PN 1995.9 .M86 S55 Singin' in the rain
PN 1995.9 .S6 C58 1993 Close encounters of the third kind
PN 1995.9 .S45 B63 1986 Body Heat
PN 1995.9 .S67 R3 Raging bull
PN 1995.9 .W4 L66 1985 Lonely are the brave
PN 1995.9 .W4 O93 The ox-bow incident
PN 1995.9 .W6 W3847 2006 (DVD) Water
PN 1995.9 .W9 F8 Funny girl
PN 1997 .A135 1990 Twelve angry men
PN 1997 .A37 1992 The African queen
PN 1997 .A4 1988 All about Eve
PN 1997 .A44 A55 Annie Hall
PN 1997 .A443 F74 (DVD) Fresa y chocolate
PN 1997 .A458 2003 (DVD) American made
PN 1997 .A46 1986 v.1-5,7-8 American storytelling (Series)
  1. Gillman, J. "How the whale got his throat;" Ross, G. "Mosquitoes;" Pierce, M. "Why the Dog has a cold , wet nose"
  2. Evans, R. "Why the leaves change color;" Wolkstein, D. "White wave"
  3. Forest, H. "Arachne;" Rubright, L. "Backed potatoes;" Simms, L. "The woodcutter"
  4. Spelman, J. "Grass cape;" Larkin, C. "Mr. Bass
  5. Holt, D. "Barney McCabe;" Freeman, B. & C. Regan-Blake, "No news;" Smith, M.C. "Cindy Ellie"
  7. Ellis, E. "The peddler;" Birch, C. "Tayzanne;" Parent, M. "Charlie pinch hits"
  8. Davis, D. "The crack of dawn;" Lane, M. "The twelve huntsman"
PN 1997 .A56 C66 Cookie's fortune
PN 1997 .A88 G36 2007 (DVD) Gandhi (25th anniversary edition)
PN 1997 .B234 M25 Badlands
PN 1997 .B3448 E96 2005 (DVD) Exonerated
PN 1997 .B35 2002 (DVD) Band of Brothers
PN 1997 .B376 Z67 Zora is my name
PN 1997 .B57 The birth of a nation
PN 1997 .B765 F74 Freaks
PN 1997 .B765 .S29 B766 Brother from another planet (2 copies)
PN 1997 .C43 A6 cass.1-10 Chaplin
  1. Caught in a cabaret; Mabel's busy day; Masquerader; Rounders; In the Park
  2. By the sea; The bank; Shanghied; A night in the show
  3. His new job; The champion; Face on the barroom floor
  4. A woman; The count; His Trysting places
  5. The vagabond; The fireman; The fatal mallet
  6. Behind the screen; The immigrant; 20 minutes of love
  7. The Adventurer; The cure; Mabel's strange predicament
  8. Easy street; One A.M.; A fair exchange
  9. The pawnshop; The floorwalker; His prehistoric past
  10. A burlesque on Carmen; Laffing Gas
PN 1997 .C17 1992 Cabaret
PN 1997 .C375 H35 Halloween
PN 1997 .C377 W66 A woman under the influence
PN 1997 .C43 C58 City lights
PN 1997 .C436 P53 The Piano
PN 1997 .C44 H4 (DVD) Together
PN 1997 .C44 H83 Yellow earth
PN 1997 .C45 1995 Chinatown
PN 1997 .C46 L38 Laurel Canyon
PN 1997 .C574 1988 Citizen Kane
PN 1997 .C6 1996 The conversation
PN 1997 .C64 F37 Fargo
PN 1997 .C64 O2 (DVD) O Brother, where art thou?
PN 1997 .C656 K56 King Kong (1933)
PN 1997 .C675 L58 Little shop of horrors (1960)
PN 1997 .C756 G63 The Goddess (GIFT)
PN 1997 .C87 C37 Casablanca
PN 1997 .C87 C38 (DVD) Casablanca
PN 1997 .C87 .M54 2005 (DVD) Mildred Pierce
PN 1997 .D37 D33 Daughters of the dust
PN 1997 .D4325 2009 (DVD) The dead
PN 1997 .D459 C59 Citizen's band
PN 1997 .D459 P45 2004 (DVD) Philadelphia
PN 1997 .D64 1991 Dog day afternoon
PN 1997 .D75 1987 Dr. Strangelove
PN 1997 .D78 1990 Duel
PN 1997 .D882 1993 Dutchman
PN 1997 .E18 T76 2007 (DVD) Trouble in the Water
PN 1997 .E212 F53 2007 (DVD) Flags of our Fathers
PN 1997 .E212 L48 2007 (DVD) Letters from Iwo Jima
PN 1997 .E27 U54 Unforgiven
PN 1997 .E33 G73 2009 (DVD) Gran Torino
PN 1997 .E37 P683 The Battleship Potemkin
PN 1997 .E87 2007 (DVD) Essential Ozzie & Harriet Collection
PN 1997 .F23 K28 A face in the crowd
PN1997 .F538 H35 2007 (DVD) Half nelson
PN 1997 .F55 A55 Alien 3
PN 1997 .F6869 L57 Little Man Tate
PN 1997 .F72 C26 Mr. Smith goes to Washington
PN 1997 .F84 T73 (DVD) Training day
PN 1997 .G33 P63 (DVD) Pocahontas
PN 1997 .G36 2008 (DVD) The gang’s all here
PN 1997 .G55 S74 Stepping out
PN 1997 G56833 1995 pt.1-3 The Godfather
PN 1997 G61 1985 The Gold Rush
PN 1997 .G663 cass. 1-2 Gone with the wind
PN 1997 .G72 Grand illusion
PN 1997 .G744 S66 Songcatcher
PN 1997 .G75 D9 (DVD) D.W. Griffith : years of discovery : 1909-1913
PN 1997 .G75 I582 Intolerance
PN 1997 .G85 K56 King Kong (1976)
PN 1997 .G664 A46 (DVD) Amores perros
PN 1997 .H374 T45 (DVD) Thirteen
PN 1997 .H38 H57 (DVD) His Gal Friday
PN 1997 .H38 R43 (DVD) Red River
PN 1997 .H38 R56 Rio Bravo
PN 1997 .H38 S22 Scarface
PN 1997 .H43 C58 (DVD) Clueless
PN 1997 .H4693 M7 Mr. Holland's Opus
PN 1997 .H58 F67 Foreign correspondent
PN 1997 .H58 N67 North By Northwest
PN 1997 .H87 M574 2001 (DVD) The Misfits
PN 1997 .H87 M575 2002 (DVD) Making the misfits
PN 1997 .I29 (DVD) If these walls could talk
PN 1997 .I3 If these walls could talk 2
PN 1997 .I55 2002 (DVD) The importance of being Earnest
PN 1997 .I65 1987 Iphigenia
PN 1997 .J38 D69 (DVD) Down by law
PN 1997 .J38 G46 (DVD) Ghost Dog : the way of the Samurai
PN 1997 .J38 M97 Mystery train
PN 1997 .J67 M37 Mass appeal
PN 1997 .J83 O34 (DVD) Office space
PN 1997 .K36 A33 Accused (1991)
PN 1997 .K43 O97 Our hospitality; Sherlock Jr
PN 1997 .K73 J83 2004 (DVD) Judgement at Nuremberg
PN 1997 .K75 M36 Man of No Importance
PN 1997 .L36 M48 2004 (DVD) Metropolis
PN 1997 .L374 F76 Frontera
PN 1997 .L44 E28 Eat Drink Man Woman
PN1997 .L44 S36 2005 (DVD)

School daze

PN1997 .L45 H37 2005 (DVD) Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
PN 1997 .L44 S54 She's gotta have it
PN 1997 .L5 H5 1992 Life Boat
PN 1997 .L6 1987 The Lodger
PN 1997 .L85 N46 (DVD) Network
PN 1997 .L374 F76 La frontera
PN 1997 .L463 E94 (DVD) Eve's bayou
PN 1997 .L85 N48 (DVD) Network
PN 1997 .L85 T83 2008 (DVD) 12 Angry Men
PN 1997 .M25929 1991 The Bride Wore Black
PN 1997 .M33 2008 (DVD) Mad Men
PN 1997 .M332 2008 (DVD) Mad Men
PN 1997 .M35 D39 Days of Heaven
PN 1997 .M364 L37 (DVD) Last of the Mohicans
PN 1997 .M47 1988 The Making of a Legend: Gone With The Wind
PN 1997 .M5546 1991 Mr. Hulot's Holiday
PN 1997 .M62 1992 Modern Times
PN 1997 .M9 1985 My Man Godfrey
PN 1997 .N35 M55 Mississippi Masala
PN 1997 .N35 M66 (DVD) Monsoon Wedding
PN 1997 .N37 1979 pt.1&2 Nashville
PN 1997 .N45 O13 "O"
PN 1997 .N534 G38 Gattaca
PN 1997 .N56 B722 1972 Ninotchka
PN 1997 .N67 P46 The Cup
PN 1997.N68 H58 Notorious
PN 1997 .O745 1994 Orlando
PN 1997 .P34 A44 (DVD) All the president's men
PN 1997 .P376 M43 Medea
PN 1997 .P41 1986 Penny Serenade
PN 1997 .P485 E54 2007 (DVD) Eleanor and Franklin
PN 1997 .P54 S76 2008 (DVD) Stop-Loss
PN 1997 .P653 A93 2007 (DVD) Away from her
PN 1997 .P783 2006 (DVD) The prize winner of Defiance, Ohio
PN 1997 .P89 2007 (DVD) The pursuit of happyness
PN 1997 .R2257 1987 Raising Arizona
PN 1997 .R363 .C66 2007 (DVD) Conejo en la Luna
PN 1997 .R44 K69 (DVD) Koyaanisqatsi : life out of balance
PN 1997 .R5385 D74 (DVD) Dresden
PN 1997 .R57 N67 2001 (DVD) Norma Rae
PN 1997 .R58 S65 Smile
PN 1997 .R6 1992 Roman Holiday
PN 1997 .R625 M44 (DVD) Meet the parents
PN 1997 .R673 2004 (DVD) A room with a view
PN 1997 .S195 2007 (DVD) Saving face
PN 1997 .S29 B766 Brother from Another Planet
PN 1997 .S29 C58 City of Hope
PN 1997 .S29 E34 Eight Men Out
PN 1997 .S29 L66 Lone Star
PN 1997 .S29 M38 Matewan
PN 1997 .S29 P37 Passion Fish
PN 1997 .S29 S43 Secret of Roan Inish
PN 1997 .S245 C46 (DVD) Central station
PN 1997 .S334 P38 (DVD) Patton
PN 1997 .S39 2000 (DVD) Sex and the city: the complete first season
PN 1997 .S39 2001 (DVD) Sex and the city: the complete second season
PN 1997 .S45 1990 Shirley Valentine
PN 1997 .S555 F26 Fantasia
PN 1997 .S564 X54 X-Men collection
PN 1997 .S6 2011 (DVD) Smoke signals
PN 1997 .S625 2011 (DVD) The social network
PN 1997 .S63 E75 Erin Brockovich
PN 1997 .S633 Some Like It Hot
PN 1997 .S648 P35 2005 (DVD) Palindromes
PN 1997 .S744 W66 (DVD) Woman of the year
PN 1997 .S76 A44 (DVD)

Alexander (director Oliver Stone)

PN1997 .S76 J45 (DVD) JFK
PN 1997 .S76 N59 Nixon
PN 1997 .S78 G74 Great McGinty
PN 1997 .S78 M57 Miracle of Morgan's Creek
PN 1997 .S8 B2 1995 The Sugarland Express
PN 1997 .T3 Taxi driver
PN 1997 .T367 P85 Pulp fiction
PN 1997 .T78 Q48 (DVD) 400 Blows
PN 1997 .U97 G63 2004 (DVD) The gods must be crazy
PN 1997 .W355 B43 Beat
PN 1997 .W668 1989 Working Girl
PN 1997 .Z43 D3 Raise the Red Lantern
PN 1997 .Z56 H54 High Noon
PN 1997.2 .H695 2010 (DVD) Howl
PN 1997.2 .H87 2010 (DVD) Hurt Locker
PN 1997.5 .W35 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs : the making of a masterpiece
PN 1998 .A3 L3 1993 The Lady Vanishes
PN 1998 .A3 M3 1993 The Man Who Knew Too Much
PN 1998 .A3 M8 1993 Murder
PN 1998 .A3 S3 1993 Sabotage
PN 1998 .A3 S4 1993 Secret Agent
PN 1998 .A3 S75 1991 Strangers On A Train
PN 1998 .A3 T35 1993 The Thirty-Nine Steps
PN 1998.2 .A249 cass.10 Filmmakers on film: reel women
PN 1998.3 .H58 A44 Alfred Hitchcock: Master Of Suspense
PN 1998.3 .W56 W55 American Film Institute Life Achievement Awards: Billy Wilder
PN 2287 .P5 M37 2005 Mary Pickford
PN 3171 .J855 2007 (DVD) Julie Taymor, Setting a Scene
PN 3178 .P7 O8 2003 (DVD) OT, our town
PN 6106 .P6 1994 pt.1-6 The power of the word
  1. The living language
  2. Voices of memory
  3. Ancestral voices
  4. Dancing on the edge of the road
  5. Where the soul lives
  6. The simple acts of life
PQ 1842 .A4 H2 1984 Tartuffe
PQ 2635 .O7 C9 Cyrano De Bergerac
PQ 4835 .I7 S435 Six characters in search of an author
PQ 6613 .A763 B56 1986 Blood Wedding
PQ 7296 .J6 Z7259 (DVD) Yo, la peor de todas
PQ 7390 .D45 M46 Memorias del subdesarrollo
PR 590 .L35 The Lake poets
PR 2801 .A372 M57 All's well that ends well
PR 2803 .A2 M4 As You Like It
PR 2803 .A6 M5 Antony and Cleopatra
PR 2807 .A2 M4 pt.1&2 Hamlet
PR 2807 .A2 Z45 Hamlet (Mel Gibson)
PR2807.A23 A46 2001 (DVD) Hamlet (directed by Michael Almereyda)
PR2807 .A37 (DVD) Hamlet (directed by Laurence Olivier)
PR 2808 .A2 M4 1978 Julius Caesar
PR 2808 .A2 W57 Julius Caesar
PR 2810 .A23 F57 Henry IV (First Part, containing the life and death of Henry surnamed Hotspur)
PR 2810 .A25 F57 Henry IV (Second Part, containing his death)
PR 2812 .A3 B7 Henry V
PR 2812 .A3 G55 Henry V
PR 2819 .A2 K5 King Lear (Laurence Olivier)
PR 2819 .A23 K56 2000z (DVD) King Lear
PR 2819 .A23 S9 pt.1&2 King Lear
PR 2821 .A23 H69 cass. 1&2 Richard III
PR 2823 .A2 P65 Macbeth (Roman Polanski)
PR 2823 .A23 C37 2004 (DVD) Macbeth (Royal Shakespeare Co.)
PR 2823 .A372 Macbeth (BBC)
PR 2825 .A23 G65 Merchant of Venice
PR 2825 .A23 R33 William Shakespeare's the merchant of Venice
PR 2824 .A2 C6 1992 Measure for measure
PR 2827 .A2 H25 Midsummer night's dream (BBC)
PR 2827 .A23 H64 1999 (DVD) William Shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream (Michael Hoffman)
PR 2827 .A37 Midsummer night's dream (live TV version, 1960's)
PR 2828 .A23 B73 2003 (DVD) Much ado about nothing
PR 2829 .A2 H66 pt.1&2 Othello
PR 2829 .A2 R5 1952 Othello (Orson Welles)
PR 2829 .A23 P37 Othello
PR 2829 .A23 P37 2000 (DVD) Othello
PR 2831 .A23 1992 Romeo and Juliet
PR 2831 .R65 M48 Romeo and Juliet(Zeffirelli production)
PR 2832 .A37 The taming of the shrew(Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton)
PR 2832 .A373 The taming of the shrew
PR2833 .A23 The tempest
PR 2833 .A23 1983 pt.1&2 The tempest (w/ Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.)
PR2837.A23 B73 (DVD) Twelfth night, or, What you will (Kenneth Branagh )
PR2837.A23 N86 (DVD) Twelfth night, or, What you will (Trevor Nunn)
PR2837 .A2 M4 Twelfth night
PR2877 .C66 The Complete Works of William Shakespear (abridged)
PR 3552 .A6717 Z78 1995 The Language Of Life: Love's Confusing Joy
PR 3682 .S3 1983 School for scandal
PR 4034 .E59 1999 (DVD) Jane Austen's Emma
PR 4034 .E59 (DVD) Emma
PR 4034 .P49 (DVD) Persuasion
PR 4034 .S49 (DVD) Sense and Sensibility
PR 4172 .W88 Wuthering Heights
PR 4342 .S44 S56 2006 (DVD) Ken Simpson Of Mice & Women, Sentimental Encounters in the work of Robert Burns
PR 5363 .P85 1938 Pygmalion
PR 5397 .F795 Frankenstein (1931)
PR 5818 .I29 An ideal husband
PR 5818 .I4 A3 The importance of being earnest
PR 5823 .W545 Wilde
PR 5907 .D45 2009 (DVD) William Butler Yeats, Loves Comes in at the Ear
PR 6003 .E282 B42 cass. 4 Endgame. Beckett directs Beckett
PR 6019 .O9 D45 2009 (DVD) Samuel Beckett Fail Better
PR 6013 .R44 T59 (DVD) Third man
PR 6029 .S39 E6 1995 The Entertainer
PR 6019 .O9 D45 2009 (DVD) James Joyce, A Man of Small Virtue
PR 6039 .H52 Z629 Dylan Thomas: A portrait
PR 6045 .O72 M79 Mrs. Dalloway
PR 6056 .I4588 B759 2004 (DVD) Bridget Jones's diary
PR 6056 .R3 N69 2003 (DVD) Noises Off!
PR 9333.9 .K38 L379 (DVD) Laramie Project
PR 9619.3 .K6 S34 cass. 1&2 Schindler's list
PR 9619.3 .K64 Y49 Year of Living Dangerously
PR 9619.3 .P535 R49 2003 (DVD) Rabbit-Proof Fence
PS 129 .A5129 2006 (DVD) American writers on writing
PS 147 .B44 Behind a mask : six women finding a space to write
PS 228 .B6 B423 The beat generation: The American dream
PS 228 .B6 B69 2006 (DVD) Beat Films and Beat Aesthetic
PS 228 .B6 N9 v.1-2 (DVD) The NY beat generation symposium : a historic beat trilogy
v.1 The Censorship Years
v.2 Women and the Beats
PS 228 .B6 F7 1989 Fried shoes, cooked diamonds
PS 228 .B6 S69 (DVD) Source
PS 228 .B6 W35 2006 (DVD) Buddhism and the Beat Generation
PS 323.5 .V64 1988 v.1-13 Voices and visions (Series)
  1. Elizabeth Bishop
  2. Hart Crane
  3. Emily Dickinson
  4. T.S. Eliot
  5. Robert Frost
  6. Langston Hughes
  7. Robert Lowell
  8. Marianne Moore
  9. Sylvia Plath
  10. Ezra Pound
  11. Wallace Stevens
  12. Walt Whitman
  13. William Carlos Williams
PS 325 .A64 2008 (DVD) The Poet's View: John Ashbery, Louise Gluck, Anthony Heck, Kay Ryan, W.S. Merwin
PS 548 .C8 P37 2007 (DVD) Barbara Pearsons: Reawakening through nature, a prison reflection and puzzle pieces.
PS 586 .G87 2006 (DVD) GV6 the odyssey: poets passion and poetry
PS 586 .U5 1996 pt.1-6 United States of poetry
PS 590 .N68 2006 (DVD) No More to Say & Nothing to Weep For: An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg
PS 615 .P637 Poetry slams: reasserting poetry's oral tradition
PS 1331 .A25 M375 (DVD) Mark Twain
PS 1541 .Z5 V35 2008 (DVD) Charles & Sally VanDoren: Emily Dickinson, Poems of love, poems of loss
PS 2523 .A934 I53 Inherit the wind
PS 3231 .W328 Walt Whitman: Sweet Bird of Freedom
PS 3501 .N256 K49 (DVD) Key Largo
PS 3503 .L718 P89 Psycho
PS 3503 .O9357 Z5 Kay Boyle
PS 3503 .U6258 A86 The asphalt jungle
PS 3505 .A59 Z69 (DVD) Capote
PS 3505 .A254 Y49 Hester street
PS 3505 .A3113 M559 Mildred Pierce
PS 3503 .A87 O29 1992 O Pioneers!
PS 3505 .H3224 B59 (DVD) The big sleep
PS 3505 .H3224 F39 2004 (DVD) Murder, my sweet
PS 3505 .O1385 P38 Paths of glory
PS 3505 .U334 Z65 e.e. Cummings: the making of a poet
PS 3507 .I93 B57 1992 Birth of a nation (2 cass.)
PS 3509 .D564 D79 Drums along the Mohawk
PS 3511 .R94 Z896 2007 (DVD) Charles VanDoren reading Robert Frost
PS 3513 .I2824 M59 The miracle worker
PS 3513 .I74 Z36 Allen Ginsberg
PS 3513 .U44 Z5 Barbara Guest
PS 3515 .A4347 M35 The maltese falcon
PS 3515 .A4347 M36 (DVD) The maltese falcon (dvd)
PS 3515 .A4347 T49 2005 (DVD) The thin man
PS 3515 .A515 R39 2008 (DVD) Raisin in the Sun
PS 3515 .A9327 S73 Stagecoach
PS 3515 .E343 L5 The little foxes
PS 3515 .I5365 Z818 Tennessee Williams: Orpheus of the American stage
PS 3515 .O6455 R42 2001 Rear window
PS 3519 .A323 L61 1988 The lost weekend
PS 3521 .A47 B479 (DVD) Best years of our lives
PS 3521 .E735 Z81 On the road with Jack Kerouac : king of the Beats
PS 3521 .E735 Z599 Heart beat
PS 3523 .A934 I53 2002 (DVD) Inherit the Wind
PS 3525 .I495 Z8 1993 Renasence: Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet
PS 3525 .I5156 A7 1987 All my sons
PS 3525 .I5156 A5535 2008 (DVD) Brenda Murphy discussing Arthur Miller's play All my Sons
PS 3525 .I5156 D4 1986 Death of a salesman
PS3525.I5156 D49 (DVD) Death of a saleman (1951)
PS 3525 .I5156 F599 (DVD) Focus
PS 3535 .I5156 Z567 Arthur Miller
PS 3529 .N5 L66 1988 The long voyage home
PS 3529 .N5 L9341 1983 Long day's journey into night
PS 3531 .O7342 P659 Pollyanna
PS 3535 .I233 Z47 1995 The language of life: The heart of things
PS 3535 .Y7 M9 1994 My man godfrey
PS 3537 .T3234 G72 The grapes of wrath
PS 3543 .A557 C53 2009 (DVD) Charles VanDoren discussing Mark & Carl VanDoren
PS 3545 .H16 A79 Age of innocence
PS 3545 .H16 H689 (DVD) The house of mirth
PS 3545 .I5365 A6 2009 (DVD) Susan Kingsolving/Matthew Cowles: Poems of Tennessee Williams
PS 3545 .I5365 Tennessee Williams and the American South
PS 3545 .I5365 C379 (DVD) Cat on a hot tin roof
PS 3545 .I5365 G52 The glass menagerie
PS 3545 .I5365 S8 1985 A streetcar named Desire
PS 3551 .L25 W4 Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
PS 3551 .L35774 S66 Smoke signals
PS 3552 .A254 Z93 1995 The language of life: Swirl like a leaf
PS 3552 .A45 Z7 Great writers of the twentieth century: James Baldwin
PS 3552 .A455 I59 In the heat of the night
PS 3552 .A583 Z54 Amiri Baraka
PS 3552 .U8229 Z57 2007 (DVD) Candace Bushnell: Trading Up/Lipstick Jungle
PS 3553 .A777 R439 (DVD) The outlaw Josey Wales
PS 3553 .L45 Z68 1995 The language of life: Come celebrate with me
PS 3553 .U484 H689 (DVD) The Hours
PS 3554 .A9324 A9533 2008 (DVD) Bill C. Davis: Discussion of Avow
PS3555 .N75 V39 2002 (DVD) The Vagina Monologues
PS 3555 .U4 V579 (DVD) The Virgin Suicides
PS 3557 .U82 L689 Love Letters
PS 3557 .U82 Z52 2005 (DVD) Evening with A.R. Gurney
PS 3557 .U846 S659 (DVD) Snow falling on cedars
PS 3558 .A725 Z94 1995 The language of life: Some can sing
PS3558.O448 S29 2003 (DVD) Safety of objects
PS 3560 .O3745 J47 (DVD) Jesus' Son
PS 3562.A316 N369 2007 (DVD) Namesake
PS 3562.E353 T659 2006 (DVD) To kill a mockingbird
PS 3562 .E353 T65 To kill a mockingbird
PS 3562 .U254 B43 The belle of Amherst
PS 3562 .Y449 W46 Who is killing the great chefs of Europe
PS 3563 .A2 S479 Serpico
PS 3563 .A4 N39 The natural (GIFT)
PS 3563.A326 Z68 1995 Field of time
PS 3563.A3527 Z475 2006 (DVD) Robin Magowan memoirs of a minotaur, from Merrill Lynch to Patty Hearst to poetry.
PS 3563 .C3694 B7 1988 Bright lights, big city
PS 3563 .C394 M37 Marvin's room
PS 3563 .I284 D2 1926 Days of wine and roses
PS 3563.O617 B482 2008 (DVD) Honor Moore reading selections from her work
PS 3563.O617 M6835 2008 (DVD) Honor Moore discussion of Mourning pictures
PS 3563 .O8749 Z59 Toni Morrison: uncensored
PS 3565 .A8 W439 (DVD) Smooth Talk
PS 3566 .E2526 D69 Gas Food Lodging
PS 3568.A23 S837 2008 (DVD) David Rabe Sticks and bones/Dinosaurs on the roof
PS 3568.E36475 V479 2006 (DVD) Verdict
PS 3568.O3152 C8837 2008 (DVD) Roxana Robinson Cost
PS 3568.O3152 Z56 2007 (DVD) Roxana Robinson a perfect stranger.
PS 3568 .O855 H89 Human Stain
PS 3564 .Y44 Z97 1995 The language of life: Welcome to the mainland
PS 3569.H3387 Z462 2009 (DVD) Dani Shapiro
PS 3569.H3387 Z465 2006 (DVD) Dani Shapiro slow motion, a true story, 1998.
PS 3569.H3387 Z54 2007 (DVD) Dani hapiro black and white.
PS 3569 .N88 Z74 1995 The language of life: Here in the mind
PS 3569.T9 S679 1999 (DVD) Sophie's choice
PS 3570.R339 A838 2000 (DVD) Anatomy of a murder
PS 3571 .P4 Z66 John Updike: in his own words
PS 3572.E788 Z46 2009 (DVD) Davyne Verstandig/Robert Crooke/Robley Whitson creative sustenance: turning the tables
PS 3573 .A425 C62 The color purple
PS 3573 .A425 Z25 1994 Alice Walker
PS 3573 .A425 Z465 Alice Walker: possessing the secret of joy
PS 3573 .A425 Z465 2006 (DVD) Bill Moyers presents a conversation with Alice Walker
PS 3573 .A425 Z525 2004 pt. 1-2 (DVD) Alice Walker: Everyday Use, Uncommon Art
PS 3573 .A425 Z56 1994 Alice Walker: A portrait in the first person
PS 3573 .A425 Z563 Alice Walker and the color purple
PS 3573 .A425 Z564 2003 Bill Moyers Presents a Conversation with Alice Walker
PS 3573.A798 H49 Heidi chronicles
PS 3573 .I4565 R269 Rambling Rose
PS 3573 .I45677 A95 1994 A world of ideas: August Wilson
PS 3612.I68 Z55 (DVD) Lauren Lipton it's about your husband.
PS 3613.C35 C35 2009 (DVD) Cady McClain in celebration of poetry month /
PS 3613 .I55 P479 (DVD) Personal Velocity, three portraits
PT 8861 .A2 E24 A Doll's house
PZ 8 .G882 Sn 1994 Snow White
QB 43.2 .U55 Universe, the infinite frontier (Series)
  101 - The scale of the cosmos
  102 - The sky
  103 - Cycles of the sky
  104 - The origin of modern astronomy
  105 - Newton, Einstein, and gravity
  106 - The tools of astronomy
  107 - Atoms and star light
  108 - The sun
  109 - Stellar properties
  110 - Stellar formation
  111 - The lives of stars
  112 - The deaths of stars
  113 - Neutron stars and black holes
  114 - The Milky Way
  115 - Galaxies
  117 - The big bang
  119 - The origin of the solar system
  120 - Planet earth
  121 - The moon and mercury
  122 - Venus and mars
  123 - Jupiter and saturn
  124 - Uranus, neptune, and plato
  125 - Meteorites, asteroids and comets
QB 44.2 .C67 1989 v.1-7 Cosmos, Carl Sagan (Series: 13 episodes)
  1&2 - The shores of the cosmic ocean; One voice in the cosmic fugue
  3&4 - The harmony of the world; Heaven and hell
  5&6 - Blues of a red planet; Traveler's tales
  7&8 - The backbone of night; Travels in space and time
  9&10 - The persistence of memory; Encyclopaedia galactica
  11&12 - Who speaks for earth?
  13 - Who speaks for earth? A dialogue Sagan - Turner
QB 601.9 .P37 1991 The planets
QB 661 .J856 Jupiter and Saturn
QB 981 .C73 1990 The creation of the universe
QB 981 .O75 2004 (DVD) Origins : fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution
QC 278.4 .S43 2009 (DVD) Tom Schachtman celebrating the year of science /
QC 861.3 .S59 2008 (DVD) Six degrees could change the world
QC 981.8 .G56 I533 2006 (DVD) An inconvenient truth: a global warning
QB 981.8 .G56 W453 2000 (DVD) What’s up with the weather?
QD 63.5 .S73 2005 (DVD) Starting with safety
QD 63.5 .S83 1991 Starting with safety
QE 527.5 .V65 2002 Volcano's deadly warning
QE 28.3 .H693 2009 (DVD) (4 discs) How the Earth was made. Four disc set.
QE 523 .K73 K73 2005 Krakatoa
QE 525 .E27 Nova - Earthquake
QK 926 .S49 Sexual encounters of the floral kind
QP 38 .I6 1993 The incredible Human Machine
QP 251 .L54 2001 (DVD) Life's greatest miracle
QP 356 .M55 pt.1-9 (DVD) The mind (Series)
QP 376 .S43 (DVD) Secret life of the brain
RA 393 .S53 2008 (DVD) Sick around the world
RA 645 .N87 S87 Super size me
RC 280 .B8 B744 2007 (DVD) The Breast Cancer Diaries
RC 480 .A6657 Approaches to therapy
RC 523.2 .S535 2004 (DVD) Forgetting a portrait of Alzheimer's
RC 537 .P35 2007 (DVD) The pain of depression
RC 552 .E18 D95 Dying to Be Thin
RC 552 .S5 1989 Soapbox with Tom Cottle: A shadow of herself
RC 553 .A88 A825 Asperger's syndrome : Autism and obsessive behavior
RC 553 .A88 S46 Dr. Temple Grandin : Sensory challenges & answers
RC 553 .A88 V57 Dr. Temple Grandin : Visual thinking as a person with autism
RC 560 .C46 W24 1988 Why God, why me?
RC 569 .H88635 2006 (DVD) Tom Hunt cliffs of despair, journey to the edge.
RC 569.5 .C55 B37 1992 Managing our miracles: Battered child, battered trust
RC 569.5.G35 T84 2007 (DVD) 21
RC 569.5.G35 T84 2007 (Lesson plan) 21
RF 305 .S68 (DVD) Sound and fury
RG 201 .O84 2006 (DVD) Overcoming infertility
RG 524 .B87 2008 (DVD) Business of being born
RJ 131 .A43 2006 (DVD) Amazing toddlers: moving, communicating, learning. age 1
RJ 131 .D4 Cass. 29 The developing child. Adolescence: Cognitive and moral development
RJ 131 .D4 1998 (workbook) The developing child. Adolescence: Cognitive and moral development
RJ 134 .A43 2006 (DVD) Amazing babies: moving in the first year
RJ 134 .B32 2010 (DVD) Babies
RJ 134 .B33 2007 (DVD) Baby human
RJ 506 .A9 B44 Behavioral treatment of Autistic children
RJ 506 .H9 G46 Generation RX: Reading, Writing, and Ritalin
RJ 506 .A9 R44 Refrigerator mothers
S 451 .C7 W67 2006 (DVD) Working the land: the story of Connecticut agriculture
S 932 .L6 L664 Long Island Sound: Worth fighting for
TJ 211 .J39 R66 Robot revolution
TR 850 .V58 Visions of light: The art of cinematography
TR 140.M5943 M6735 2007 (DVD) John Jacob Inge Morath's book, The Road to Reno.
TR 647.M366 W43 2008 (DVD) What remains the life and work of Sally Mann /
U 29 .A78 2009 (DVD) Art of War
UB 23.D49 (DVD) Point of order
UB 357 .W44 2006 (DVD) When I came home

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