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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Waterbury Campus Library 
University of Connecticut Waterbury Campus Library
99 East Main Street
Waterbury, Ct. 06702

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Main Number 203-236-9900
Reference Desk 203-236-9901


Faculty & Staff Publications
University of Connecticut Waterbury Campus

Abboud, Nelly (Engineering)

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Baker, Ted (Tri-Campus Business)

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Bedding, David (Physics) Emeritus

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Bifulco, Robert (Political Science/Urban & Community Studies)

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Brown, Stuart (Professional Staff- Student Affairs)

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Donald, Cleveland (History)

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Dulack, Tom (English)

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Eisenhandler, Susan (Sociology/Urban & Community Studies)

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Frome, Shelly (Drama) Emeritus

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Gedajlovic, Eric R. (Management/Business)

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Glasser, Ruth (Urban and Community Studies)

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Huang, Wei-Kuang (OPIM/Business)

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