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1. Title:Avalon Project at the Yale Law School : Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy [ Full Record ]
Description:Materials selected are within the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government which are of sufficient importance as primary material.

Collections included:
The American Constitution - A Documentary Record; American Diplomacy : Bilateral Treaties 1778 - 1999; American Diplomacy : Multilateral Treaties 1864 - 1999; American History : A Chronology 1492-1988; Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Documents; Annual Messages of the Presidents; Austrian - American Diplomacy; The Barbary Treaties 1816-1836; Belgian-American Diplomacy; Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England : 1765-1769; Brazilian-American Diplomacy 1829 - ; British-American Diplomacy 1782 - ; Chilean-American Diplomacy 1832 - ; The Cold War; Cold War Diplomacy - Defense Treaties of the United States; Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents; Confederate States of America : Papers; Congressional Resolutions; Diplomatic Document Collections; Economic and Legal Treatises; European Diplomacy 870 to the Present : Bilateral Treaties and Agreements; European History : A Chronology 802-1992; The Federalist papers; Foreign Relations of the United States; Franco-American Diplomacy; From Versailles to NATO : 1918-1949; German-American Diplomacy; Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents; Indochina - Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; The Inter-American System : Agreements, Conventions and Other Documents; International Agreements and Diplomatic Documents; International Military Tribunal for Germany; The Jefferson Papers; Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1789 : Selected Documents; Laws of War : Hague and Geneva Conventions; League of Nations; Madison's Notes on Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787; Mexican-American Diplomacy; Native Americans : Documents 1789 - 1887; Nazi - Soviet Relations 1939-1941; Nuremberg War Crimes Trial; Palestine 1916-2001 : A Documentary Record; Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States; Peace Conference at the Hague 1899 : Correspondence, Instructions and Reports; Presidential Papers; Project DIANA - An Online Human Rights Archive; The Quasi War with France 1791-1800; September 11, 2001 : Attack on America - A Collection of Documents; Slavery : Statutes and Treaties; Soviet-American Diplomacy; Spanish-American Diplomacy; State Constitutions 1776 - ; Texas - From Independence to Annexation 1836-1846; Treaties Between The United States and Native Americans; United Nations - Documents; The United States, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Area 1950 -1999; United States Statutes; United States Statutes Concerning Native Americans; United States Statutes Concerning Slavery; Western European Security and Co-operation; 1948 -; World War II - Documents; 1940-1945


2. Title:University of Minnesota Human Rights Library [ Full Record ]
Description:The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library houses one of the largest collections of more than twenty-five thousand core human rights documents, including several hundred human rights treaties and other primary international human rights instruments. The site also provides access to more than four thousands links and a unique search device for multiple human rights sites. This comprehensive research tool is accessed by more than a 175,000 students, scholars, educators, and human rights advocates monthly from over 135 countries around the world. Documents are available in six languages - Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.