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Resources for other subjects

Library Collections and Services

Library Databases


  • Academic Universe
    Available only to UConn faculty, staff and students. Provides full-text access to many Italian language newspapers and publications.
  • FirstSearch
    This gateway provides a number of databases. WorldCat locates books and other materials in libraries worldwide.
  • InfoTrac OneFile
    An abstracting and fulltext service which provides indexing to 1550 general interest journals.


  • Opera del Vocabulario Italiano (part of the ARTFL project)
    The Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI) contains 1,369 vernacular texts dated prior to 1375, the year of Boccaccio's death. It includes verse and prose from early masters of Italian literature, such as Boccaccio, Dante, Petrarch, as well as lesser known and obscure texts by poets, merchants, and medieval chroniclers.
  • LLBA
  • 1973-present
    Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts provides indexing and abstracts for ca. 2,000 journals, 1973-present, with selective coverage of books, occasional papers, and dissertations. Covers theoretical linguistics, language acquisition, computational and mathematical linguistics, language therapy, and other language-related fields.
  • LWPA: Linguistics Working Papers Abstracts 1996-present
    Abstracts and tables of contents for recent volumes of 30 working papers series.
  • MLA: Modern Language Association International Bibliography 1963-present
    Indexes critical materials on modern language, literature, linguistics, and folklore. Covering literary and language scholarship from 1963 to the present, it provides access to over 3,000 journals and series published worldwide, monographs, working papers and proceedings, and bibliographies.


  • Arts & Humanities Citation Search 1980-present
    Records referencing many of the world's leading arts and humanities journals.
  • Galenet Gale Literary Databases:
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
    Provides biographical and critical coverage of authors in lengthy essays. Includes several volumes dedicated to Italian literature.

Contemporary Authors
Provides biographical sketches often accompanied by authors' comments.

Contemporary Literary Criticism
Includes living authors and those who died after 1959.

  • PapersFirst 1993-present
    Coverage includes papers in every congress, conference, exposition, workshop, symposium, and meeting received at The British Library.
  • Proceedings 1993-present
    Coverage includes citations of every congress, conference, exposition, workshop, symposium, and meeting received at The British Library.
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Electronic Journals and Citations


    Journal Storage - an archive of older journal titles.
  • Project Muse
    Johns Hopkins University Press journals, including Modern Language Notes (MLN)



  • ! Electronic Citation
    Instructions for citing electronic formats according to APA, MLA, Chicago and other style guides.

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Teaching and Learning

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Key Web Sites




  • Catholic Encyclopedia
    This is the Catholic Encyclopedia . It's construction is a volunteer effort, and is still under construction. It includes some good biographies of Italian authors.


General (in English--includes Italian materials)

  • Oxford Text Archive
    Provides high-quality electronic texts for research and teaching in many languages and genres. Please read the "Conditions of Use" before any of the texts.
  • Project Guttenberg
    Public domain e-texts that can be downloaded.

General (Italian)

  • Antologia (frammentaria) della Italian Literature
    Contains full text in Italian of major works : Nuova Vita, I Promessi Sposi and Decameron.
  • Biblioteca elettronica
    Includes full-text of Italian works in html and downloadable, compressed forms. Authors include : Dante, Boccaccio, Tommaso Campanella, Luigi Pirandello, Giacomo Leopardi, Gabriele D'Annunzio.
  • I Classici della Letteratura Italiana
    Contains many of the works of Italy's major authors (from the Duecento to the Novecento) and their biographies.
  • Liber Liber
    Site is available in Italian or English, and contains downloadable full-text versions of Italian (and some others) texts. There's an index by author and title.


20th Century

Individual texts

  • Divine Comedy Research Edition
    This site features four full editions: the original Italian text, and English translations by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the Rev. H.F. Cary, and Allen Mandelbaum. The reader may chose to use graphics from Gustave Doré, Salvador Dali, or Sandro Botticelli to enhance the reading of the Divine Comedy. There are also maps of the afterlife, and sample manuscript pages from printed versions of Dante.
  • The Decameron Web
    This site is dedicated to the scholarship of Boccaccio's masterpiece, the Decameron. The site contains basic biographical information on Boccaccio as well as information on the history of the time period. It provides full-text access to the Decameron in English and Italian, and is enhanced with commentary, maps and a bibliography.
  • La Bibbia

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  • Italy1: Italian Literature
    This site provides a brief textual overview by century of Italian literature. The site is completely in English, and could provide a nice introduction for undergraduates.

To find more sites on specific Italian authors, try an advanced Yahoo! search. Use the author's name (last name works best) and choosing either "intelligent default" or "exact phrase."

Various Authors

  • Guido Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection
    Part of the Special Collections at Duke University, this site is an on-line exhibit that showcases a representative sample of the Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection. This collection is comprised of 50,000 rare Italian pamphlets, newspapers, programs, catalogs, and small volumes dating from the 16th through 20th centuries. It also includes periodicals, political satire, Italian and French dramas, ballets, librettos, eulogies, epithalamia, materials from both World Wars, many collections of poetry, and many pamphlets relating to the Unification of Italy.
  • Nobel Prizes in Literature
    Contains information on all the prize winners, including Pirandello, Montale, Quasimodo, and Deledda.
  • Dante
  • American Dante Bibliography
    This site contains annotated bibliographies of Dante scholarship published annually in Dante Studies from 1953 to the present. The bibliographies are accessible in a searchable electronic format according to year. All entries in a particular year were published in that year, unless otherwise specified. New bibliographies will be added as they become available. Two other bibliographies are accessible: an Italian Dante Bibliography for the years 1988-1990, prepared by Federico Sanguineti, and a Bibliography of Dante Studies in the British Isles from 1980-1993, prepared by Steven Botterill. These archives are made available by the Dante Society of America and are maintained at the Brandeis University Libraries.
  • DanteNet
    DanteNet is an service for Dante scholars provided by The Dante Society of America, and hosted at Princeton University. It contains an e-journal, bibliographies, and links to other Dante projects.
  • Dartmouth Dante Project
    This database contains the full text of Dante's Divine Comedy and commentaries on it from over 70 authors in Latin, Italian and English.
  • Dante Publications Compiled by Otfried Lieberknecht
  • Digital Dante
    Maintained by the Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia University the Digital Dante is a long-term effort to prototype and develop an , multimedia Dante-related academic resource combining traditional elements of scholarly research with new communication and presentation possibilities enabled by networked digital technology. It includes the full text of selected works by Dante, as well as biographical and bibliographical information on Dante and his works, as well as maps, images, and recent news about Dante studies.
  • Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)
    This site is an exhibition that presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. The collection comprises mostly of 15th and 16th century imprints which total nearly 3,000 volumes, including rare editions and critical studies from the Renaissance to the present. The nine incunabula and nearly complete series of 16th-century imprints featured in this exhibit constitute essential primary sources for both the history of Dante's reception during the Renaissance and the early history of the printed book.



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