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finding NURSING INFORMATION: citing sources

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When creating works cited pages for nursing papers or articles, the bibliographic style of choice is usually APA (American Psychological Association). The APA style dictates the style of both the paper and the references. These are two recommended guides for formatting your paper and references:

APA for Nursing (Lynchburg College)
APA Citations (Babbidge Library)

For more examples, ask for the APA Publication Manual, 5th edition, at the Information & Research Desk.

thermometer     Test your ability to accurately cite references.

Put the following journal article into APA format:
Article title: Methodological issues in researching palliative care nursing practice.
Author: J.L. Bottorff
Journal: Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
Date: June 2005
Volume and Issue: 37(2)
Pages: 50-68

Put the following book chapter into APA format:
Chapter title: Computer use in nursing research.
Author: B.L. Chang
Book title: Essentials of computers for nurses: informatics for the new millennium.
Editor: V.K. Saba
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2001
Edition: 3rd
Pages: 445-56

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