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finding NURSING INFORMATION: getting full-text

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Learning what information (articles, books, etc.) are published on a topic is only the first part of library research. The second part is tracking down the full-text of the publications. Disappointing as it may be, not all publications are available online and not all publications are owned by the library. The tools described below will help you a) find out whether we own your item online or in print and b) order copies, free of charge, of publications we don't own.

stethescope    full-text online and in print in the library: HOMER

Just like the catalog you search at your public library, the UConn Libraries catalog, called HOMER, tells you what books, journals, and other materials we own here. It includes records for the items that are physically owned at all the UConn Libraries (other than Health Center and Law) and those we subscribe to online.

HOMER can be searched by:
  • title: Good for books, videos, and conference proceedings.
  • journal title: For journals and magazines.
  • author: Make sure you put the last name first (i.e. Nightingale Florence)
  • keyword relevance: finds all items records that have the words you type (i.e. palliative care)
  • keyword boolean: a good way to search for two topics in the same item record (i.e. nurses and war)
  • subject heading: a precise way to search by choosing from specific subject headings
  • also, HOMER has options for prolific author/composer, call number, and publication date
TIP! HOMER has an advanced search screen that makes it easier for you to enter terms correctly. advanced search
TIP! HOMER has limits that let you search by date, language, or publication type. limits
TIP! If the library licenses a journal or book online, HOMER will give you a link!
TIP! If we have an item at the Babbidge Library, you can find it by using this location guide. If you are in the library, you can pick up a copy of the guide at the Information Desk on Level 1.
TIP! HOMER won't help you find articles or book chapters. Use research databases for these types of publications.

thermometer     Test your skill in HOMER

thermometer     Test your skill in navigating the Babbidge Library

stethescope    full-text online journals only: eJournal Locator

Though HOMER will tell you whether we own a journal online, if that is the only piece of information you want to know, it is quicker to search the eJournal Locator.

eJournal Locator is searchable by journal title. If a single journal is listed more than once, it means that the libray licenses that journal from more than one vendor.

thermometer     Test your skill in eJournal Locator

stethescope    full-text from another library: Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan (DD/ILL)

If you have checked HOMER and determined that the library neither owns the publications you need online or in print, you can order it through DD/ILL and we will obtain a copy for you from another library.

DD/ILL has several options for placing orders and some provide faster deliver than others. Read the information on the DD/ILL site to learn more about the options:

  • Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan
  • Intercampus Express (ICE)
  • BLC Virtual Catalog

  • stethescope    What is UConn Links?

Uconn Links is an experimental product being tested at UConn. It is designed to help you quickly search HOMER, the eJournal Locator and, if need be, order documents via Interlibrary Loan. Currently, UConn Links works well most of the time with journal articles, but it does not work at all with non-article citations, such as books and dissertations. Expect to see improvements to UConn Links over the course of the next year, 2005-2006.

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