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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Homer Babbidge Library Equipment Loans

10 2nd generation iPads

  • Loan period: due at end of day; no renewals

2 Kindle DXs – holds 3,500 titles; 9” screen
1 Kindle 2nd Generation – holds 1,500 titles; 6” screen

  • Library can purchase a title and download it
  • Library has access to over 420,000 books on Kindle books
  • You can access your personal Kindle account on the Library Kindle
  • You can download Google book titles to the Kindle 
  • You have access to over 1,000,000+ titles on Google Books
  • You can keep the Kindle for 2 weeks
  • Loan period: 14 days, no renewals

5 Dell Latitude 6430u laptops and 18 MacBook Airs

  • Wireless Internet access
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Wireless printing from within the Library
  • Loan period: 4 hours OR until close of library; no renewals

Digital Cameras
4 GE X500 digital cameras

  • Video capability
  • Compatible with library’s media studio
  • USB cable
  • Support available from the Digital Learning Center on Level 1 of the Babbidge Library
  • Loan period: 2 days; no renewals

Digital Voice Recorders
1 Sony stereo ICD-SX700 digital voice recorder – 1 GB of storage (372 hours of recording time)

  • Built in microphone
  • Headphone jack
  • USB cable
  • Loan period: 2 days; no renewals


  • Located on Level 1 and Level 3
  • Loan period: 2 weeks; no renewals


  • For use with laptops and recorders

IMPORTANT: Please note that all equipment loans are subject to overdue fines and replacement costs. Failure to return library equipment on time can result in the suspension of equipment charging privileges.