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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Video Theater 2

There are 80 stationary seats, which do not have tablet arms. In addition there are 12 nested moveable seats available between Video Theater 1 and Video Theater 2.

The following multimedia equipment is operated by the Touch-Screen monitor located on the teaching station:

  • Multimedia LCD Projector -- provides high-quality projection for all media equipment
  • 8-Channel Speakers -- provides surround-sound with high-quality acoustics
  • Universal VHS Video Player -- plays regular and multiregional formatted videotapes
  • Multiregional DVD Player -- plays regular and multiregional DVDs
  • Document Camera -- projects transparent or opaque documents
  • Computer -- allows internet access, supports computer applications, and accepts floppy and CD/DVD discs
  • Laptop Computer Plug-in -- provides plug-in for a laptop computer
  • Super-VHS Video Player Plug-in -- allows plug-in for an S-VHS VCR player

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