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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I have to do to get additional copies of my thesis/dissertation bound?
If you are interested in getting additional copies of your thesis/dissertation bound, you can come to Bindery Prep in Homer Babbidge Library. In Bindery Prep, you will be asked to fill in a form indicating your name, degree and year as you want them to appear on the spine, as well as the color of the cover and spine lettering. You can get the form at the graduate school or download a copy from You can also pick up a copy of the form at Bindery Prep when you turn in your theses.

Where are you located/How do I find the department?
Thesis Binding is located in Bindery Prep.  in the Level B staff area in Homer Babbidge Library, one floor below the Plaza Level main entrance.  From the stairwell and elevators turn left.  You should see a set of double-doors with a list of department names.  Go through the doors, a "Thesis Binding" sign with an arrow pointing to the right is just inside the area.  Follow the next sign to Bindery Prep.

What about the copy I give to the Library as per Graduate School requirements?
You are required to submit one unbound print copy of your thesis/dissertation to the Library and upload an electronic copy to the Instiutional Repository. You DO NOT pay for the cost of binding the Library copy, only for additional personal copies. The copy submitted to the Library becomes the University's archival copy and is eventually bound and kept as a non-circulating item in the Dodd Research Center. You will have to print out additional copies for personal binding or send us a file for the bindery to print copies -- there is an additonal charge for printing/photocopying, see below.

Approval Page?
The copy submitted to the Library for the Graduate School must include a signed Approval Page; an additional signed Approval Page must be submitted to the Graduate School with your paperwork. This is not required of the copies sumitted to the Library for personal binding. Your personal copies do not have to meet the same requirements as the copies you give to the Grad School.  The approval pages in your personal copies can be photocopied, not originals.  However, you may want to bring along extra copies of the approval pages for the faculty to sign at the defense.  The committee has to sign at least two copies (one for the Library copy, one for the Grad School), and in most cases, they’re willing to sign a few more copies (especially if they think they’re getting a copy themselves :>).

What do the bound theses look like, how are they constructed?
Personal theses are bound in hard covers, the same binding we use for the theses in the Library's collections (Level A in Homer Babbidge Library), the only difference is the color of the covers and information on the spine.

What's the cost?
$12 per copy. This covers the cost of binding the thesis in buckram (patron selects the color); your name, degree and year are printed on the spine. Only one money order is required to pay for the entire cost of binding as many copies as you wish to have bound.

Any additional charges?
Yes, but you’re not required to pay extra fees unless you want extra work done or your thesis requires additional work -- only the initial binding fee is required, all other fees/services listed on the Personal Thesis Binding Form (available in PDF or WORD) are optional. Additional fees include a $12 (per copy) charge for front cover lettering and 75 cents for each inch thickness over 2.5". If you want the bindery to print/photocopy your thesis/dissertations additional charges are applied, see below.

How do I pay for this?
We only accept money orders, bank checks or postal orders -- the money orders can come from a bank, the post office or a store offering money orders. We cannot take personal checks, cash or credit cards.

How long does it take?
2-4 weeks depending upon when the thesis/dissertation is brought in.  The deadline is 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the day before the shipment. The turnaround time is two weeks from the date of the shipment (not the date the theses were dropped off in Bindery Prep). Binding shipments are sent out every two weeks, all-year round.

What are your hours?
Thesis Binding is available Monday thru Friday 9:30-4:30 p.m.  The office is not open evenings or weekends.

Do I have to bring in a copy/more than one copy?/ Can I have a copy printed/bound from a file?
If you do not want to pay the bindery for photocopying/printing you should print out as many copies as you wish to have bound. The bindery will make additional copies from one original if you wish, but there is a charge for printing/photocopying (see below);we recommend that you have the copies printed/photocopied yourself -- it is usually less expensive than the bindery printing/photocopying fees (see below).

A file sent to Bindery Prep. via e-mail a file or stored in a flash drive in WORD or PDF format can be uploaded to our computer and sent to the bindery for printing/binding. The order will not be submitted to the bindery until we receive the money order covering the cost of printing/photocopying and binding which can be mailed to us. A copy of your Personal Thesis Binding Form should accompany the money order.

Printing/Photocopying fees: $.10 (ten cents) per page, per copy – for black & white copies; for example, if you want to make five copies of a 200-page dissertation, the charge will be $100 – 200 pages X 5 copies = 1,000 copies * 0.10 = $100.00. The cost is $1.50 per copy for color printing/photocopying. Send files via e-mail to an e-mail confirmation will be sent as soon as we receive the file and have checked to make sure it is intact and ready for the bindery.

What kind of paper should I use?
We recommend that you follow the Graduate School guidelines for paper quality for your personal copies.  However, you are not required to do so.

What kind of paper does the bindery use to photocopy theses and dissertations?
The bindery photocopies on acid-free archival bind paper, which is actually superior in quality to the 25% cotton content paper required by the Graduate School.

Do I need to put blank pages at the beginning and end of my dissertation/thesis?
No. Blank sheets are inserted at the front and back of the text block by the bindery.

Is it possible to have original signed Approval Pages inserted into photocopied/printed theses/dissertations?
Yes. The bindery will insert original signed copies of your Approval Page into printed/photocopied theses/dissertations.

Where does the abstract go?/What is the correct page order for theses/dissertations?
There does not appear to be an "official" standard for the ordering of the first pages in theses and dissertations, so the following represents the most common practice:

  1. Abstract (dissertations)
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Approval Page
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Chapters


Do I have to bring my thesis/dissertation copies to Bindery Prep? Can I have them shipped to Bindery Prep?
You can ship your theses/dissertations to Bindery Prep. Please include a Personal Thesis Binding Form and a money order made out to Homer Babbidge Library for the total cost with your theses. The mailing address is

Bindery Prep./Theses Binding
Homer Babbidge Library
University of Connecticut
369 Fairfield Way
Unit 1005P
Storrs, CT 06269-1005

Bindery Prep and Theses Binding must be included in the address on the shipping label to ensure that the package is delivered to our office promptly.

Can I have someone else pick up my theses/dissertations?
Yes, the Personal Thesis Binding Form has a section in which you can fill in the name and daytime phone number of the person(s) you have authorized to pick up your theses.

Can I have my theses/dissertations shipped to my home or business?
We prefer not to ship theses/dissertations; you can designate someone to pick them up for you (see previous pargagraph). If that is not possible we can arrange to have your theses/dissertations shipped to you. You are responsible for all shipping and postage fees -- this is in addition to the fees for binding.

I will be out of town for a few weeks (months), how long will you keep my theses if I can't find someone else to pick them up?
Bindery Prep will hold personal theses/dissertations for up to one year after they are returned from the bindery. IF YOUR THESES/DISSERTATIONS ARE NOT PICKED UP AFTER ONE YEAR, THEY WILL BE SENT TO YOUR ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT.

Is this service available for Senior (undergraduate) theses/Honors Theses?
Yes.  Senior theses students can have copies of their theses bound using this service.

I got my degree at another university, but I now work at UConn, can I get my thesis/dissertation bound through you?
No.  Our contract with our commercial binders do not permit us to accept theses and dissertations not awarded by the University of Connecticut.  We can only accept non-UConn theses and dissertations if we receive them from a department on campus and the department is paying to have them bound.

I got my degree at another university, and I don’t work at UConn, can I get my thesis/dissertation bound through you?
No.  We cannot accept theses from patrons who are not affiliated with the University of Connecticut.

I have an old copy of a favorite book at home, can I have that bound through you?
No.  We cannot accept any private binding work other than personal theses/dissertations.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Fred Rick in Preservation. Our telephone number is 860.486.2597

(Last updated 05/31/13)

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