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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Put an article or book chapter in HuskyCT (ECR) from personally owned material. 

  • Personal copies must be owned in their original format, i.e. you own a copy of book or are a subscriber to the journal. Possession of a photocopy does not constitute ownership in the original format.
  • Obtain your NetID and password.
  • Request a HuskyCT course.
  • Allow at least three weeks of lead time during the first few weeks of the semester.
  • Follow these guidelines for compliance with the Library's copyright policy:
    1. Journals - one article per journal issue or 15% of the issue, whichever is greater.
    2. If you provide the photocopy or scan from the print journal, and the copyright symbol is not on the first page of the article, be sure to include the page with the publisher information from the front of the issue.
    3. Printouts of articles from UConn Library owned databases cannot be used. Most of the time we can link directly to the article so be sure to include the complete citation on the Reserve Request form.
    4. Books - one chapter or 15% of the book, whichever is greater.
    5. If you provide the photocopy or scan from the book be sure to include the title page and the page with the copyyright symbol.
    6. Click here for more in depth copyright information.
  • Course anthologies cannot be placed on Reserve due to copyright restrictions.
  • Please remember, the initial quality of the paper image is the largest determinent in the quality of the final product! Be sure submit the best copy or original in your possession.
  • Complete the Reserve Request form with complete citations for each article or chapter you are requesting.
  • Materials to be scanned may be delivered to us in one of the following ways:
    1. Drop your material and a copy of the receipt returned when you submitted the Reserve Request form off at the iDesk on the Plaza level of the Homer Babbidge Library, or at the Circulation Desk of your regional campus library.
    2. Email or Snail Mail your material along with a copy of the receipt returned when you submitted the Reserve Request form.