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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Restoring Course Reserves

I asked for my HuskyCT course to be restored. Why didn't my reserve list get restored, too?

Although you access your reserve list via HuskyCT it is not technically a part of your course site but a part of the Library's Course Reserve system and so it works a little differently. The Reserve systen gives you control over which reserve items you want to restore to your current course. You can copy items from any past or current course to another current or future course.

To restore your reserve items in HuskyCT,

  1. Log in to HuskyCT
  2. Click on the class you want to restore material to
  3. Click on Library Resources from the left column menu
  4. When you get to the Library Resources page, click on "Add Reserve Items" in the left column menu
  5. Beneath the row of icons for making new reserve requests you'll see lists of current and past classes. Click on any class to see what was on reserve.
  6. To import the past list to your current class, uncheck any items you don't want then scroll to the bottom of the page and SINGLE click the "Import" button only ONCE.
  7. The fine print

    Re journal articles and book chapters:

    • You may reuse any material owned by the Libraries or that you own in the original format (e.g. book, journal subscription). Photocopies do not constitute ownership in the original format.
    • We will seek permission to reuse material that is not owned by you or the Libraries. If permission is denied or the fee is too high, you will be notified and the material will be removed from reserve.

    Re Media:

    • Media placed on Reserve for specific dates remains on Reserve until finals are over.
    • Please complete the Video Theater Online Booking Form if you wish to reserve one of the Homer Babbidge Library's video theaters to show your film.
    • Regional campus faculty who require group viewing space other than their classroom should contact regional campus reserve staff.
    • If you send a student, your TA, or a colleague to pick up your media for you they must be registered as your Proxy Patron in order to be able to pick it up on the dates you have reserved it. Please complete the Proxy Patron form in advance if you anticipate this need.