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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Electronic Resources and Streaming Video Help - For Windows based PC's and Mac users

For problems acessing streams, e-books, or electronic journal articles please contact the Library's Electronic Resources Management Team

Some movies require Silverlight. Both MAC and PC users will be prompted to download if required. Rebooting may be necessary after the install.

If you are not automatically prompted to download Silverlight you may download it here: Download Silverlight

For other movies, Windows users should use Windows media player to view the streams, Macintosh users should use the free VLC Video Player available here: Macintosh help

Do not use remote desktop, Skybox, or the VPN to view videos as they may degrade performance or not play at all.

Server may not be available from 3-5 a.m. each night due to scheduled system maintenance.

Please contact HuskyTech if you are having problems with your computer equipment or the UConn Wireless network.